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Monday, August 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Grand Junction, Colorado on 2016-06-18 02:30:00 - Ufo directly over, no noise, blue lights, strange noises (communication), an entity, footprints

My gf and i were camping in the desert, it was getting kinda cold, so we got i the car to warm up. sitting there for a minute, she asked what some lights were behind us, they were cars driving on a road in the distance, we were both turned looking out the back window, then simultaneously both looked forward. as we turned our heads forward there was a bright blue flash right abive the car, a dark blue circle sureounded by a light blue ring around it, from a silent craft that was right over the car, it seemed to shoot up into space. after this happend we were both just trying to make sense of it, and she was scared. to try and ease her mind i got out of the car to look around. thats when i could here some like snap, crackle, pop, type noises. i thought it might be the wind rustling some bushes or somethng, but it was random noise, it sounded like intelligent communication. i started yelling a lil bit, sayin we just saw something out here, if there are people out here please make yourselves known. i walked out a bit further, then stopped to look between some small hills. i just stood there looking, not seeing anythng, but i guess it thot i saw it, cause it all of a sudden walked by between the two hills. it looked white, with like dreadlock tentacles or somethng strung over the face. it walked by and looked right at me. it was wearing an all white jump suit, and i specifically remember the blank, rectangular, raised, shiny silver name plate type deal on the chest. after the brief moment of watching it walk by, well, i got scared and ran back to the car. i looked back towards where the entity was and a huge section of the mountain range further back was illuminated in the same light blue light that had been right over my car. i think we managed to go to sleep, im not sure. the next thing i am sure of was checking the area the next morning. i didnt find much, except possible footprints that i took pictures and measurements of.

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Credit: MUFON

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