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Monday, August 13, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2013-10-01 00:00:00 - Didn’t see a ufo. saw the passangers.

it’s been a good while since i had this experience. i still remember it very vividly, but i’ve always been scared to talk about it. i’ve shared with a handful of people, including my wife, who seem to think i’m crazy. that noted, i was not on any medications, stressed, dreaming, or anything else at the time. the only reason i’m doing it now is because i really wish i could understand why. i can’t recall the exact day anymore, maybe because i felt violated from the experience. violated may not even be the proper term. dominated perhaps. i woke up one night in our bedroom. it was like on of those moments when you just shoot up awake, but i quickly noticed i couldn’t move my body; just my head. my sheets and clothes were still on and i wasn’t sweating, or anything abnormal. i looked to the right of the bed and i saw three of them. in appearance they were tall, grey, rough skin, large black eyes, no nose, nor mouth, and there was a strong darkness to them. as soon as i saw them i turned my head to my wife, but realized i couldn’t move quickly and when i went to speak or even scream nothing would come out. she was passed out and completely unaware. i turned back to them and got the distinct feeling they derived great pleasure from the emotions i was feeling. i wasn’t quite yet scared though. almost immediately after i turned and made eye contact with them they began looking in to me. this sounds entirely crazy, but they were using their minds to search my body for something. i only know because of what happened next. i started to see what they saw. there was a lot of emphasis on my right arm. i could see them looking through every little blood vessel, muscle, bone, and even down to a cellular level. whatever it was they did required a tremendous amount of effort on their part because i began to feel they were stressed. this went on for me what felt like maybe minutes, but as time progressed and they found nothing they began getting angry. it felt like we were all connected. at first they just seemed irritated, but then it got to a point of pure hate. frankly, i’ve never sensed that much hostility from a living creature. i knew i didn’t have any option of escape so i began to pray. when i said the name “jesus christ” or “yashua” the became even more aggressive. they wouldn’t touch me, but being connected with them it felt as if they wanted to torture me. as my fear grew i prayed and repeated his name more in my mind unti it grew to the point of a shout. when it reached that level i saw a white light open up, i assume like a portal. what i saw from the was a man dress in white, but only his lower half, everything was too bright to see. in that instant when the light appeared they were scared to death. like that, i passed out. when i woke up later that morning i could move perfectly fine and i asked my wife how she slept and if she had noticed anything funny. i realize this sounds insane, or maybe not considering what you all receive daily, but i’d really like to understand what the heck happened to me. i’m a christian, and with a good amount of reasoning i believe i can assert these creatures as fallen angels. however, i can’t help but worry why they came for me, and what in the world they were looking for.

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Credit: MUFON

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