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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in El Dorado Springs, Missouri on 2018-08-19 00:00:00 - Saucer-shaped object same color as blue sky background (but distinct form), whole thing shined white twice like it reflected sun, then returned to color that seemed to absorb/reflect sky. floated stead in direction of storm cell that passed 30 mins before

I saw the strange object while driving home from in-law's house after a wall of tornado-producing storms passed through our town. earlier, the tornado sirens and phone's emergency system had alerted me that we were under a tornado warning. my fear of storms is compounded when i'm alone (husband at work), so my dog and i went to their place for shelter. a tornado popped up south of us, but we were fine. about 30-45 mins after the storm passed and the clouds were moving out, we headed home. on our short drive back, around 7:50pm-8:00pm, as the sun was about ready to wear out its welcome for the day, i spotted movement in the sky. it was a saucer-shaped object as though seen from the side, where the middle appeared fatter than either edge. it floated steadily high in the sky, moving approximately north-east, as though trailing after the tail of the storms. it was difficult to gauge the distance, due to there being little near it to use for scale or knowing how big the object was. i didn't hear anything, like the distinct rumble of a helicopter or the engines of a plane, though my windows were up. generally, if it were either machine, the distance would have been close enough to warrant some sound or vibration, regardless of window placement. it moved too slow and steady for it to be a plane. the color was the first thing that really struck me as strange, though. it was distinctly an object in the sky, but the color was as though it were reflecting or absorbing and mimicking the color of the sky around it. it was like an invisibility cloak, but with a clear border that indicates the presence of an object. then the whole thing shined white. it was a quick gloss over of the object, like it reflected the sunlight before disappearing behind something else, but there was nothing between it and the sun the whole time. then it shined white again, and then back to its cloaked state. i thought it had to be something like a helicopter. the hospital in town gets them all the time, taking patients to a larger, better equipped facility outside of town. it flowed in the air like a helicopter, steadily and smoothly. but there was no sound, no vibration, and i saw no blades. the shape was clearly like a classic ufo saucer (seen from the side). there were no lights or any other distinctive patterns or writing on it. i thought about pulling over to observe it better and to keep from being distracted while driving, but i thought "don't be silly." i approached the stop light and slowed down, hoping it would turn red so i could watch it some more. it did! i thought, "could it be a balloon? a storm just rolled through, so maybe it let one loose somewhere?" it was just too odd how it reflected the color of the sky, and did the weird illumination at seeming random intervals. it wasn't a reflection of something in or near the car, because as i sat still, it still moved. i was curious and interested. but when the light turned green, i turned and kept moving. once i got home, i stood outside and searched the sky in the place where i saw it, but it was gone by then. i felt nothing differently, just piqued my natural curiosity, and the anomalous qualities of the object drew me to it. had i not been already scanning the skies (as i do post-storms, looking for any more ominous clouds or admiring the scene of a stirred atmosphere), it would have blended in really well and escaped my attention. i looked up pictures of weather balloons, just in case, and what i saw on a cursory google search was definitely not what i witnessed. i searched for helicopters in sky and the pictures confirmed my conviction that it was not a helicopter. i have no clue what it was, and it makes my insides ache to know that i'll probably never know what this thing was.

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Credit: MUFON

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