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Friday, August 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2009-06-28 00:00:00 - Witnessed silver sphere fly along plane, release black cloud, and zip out of sight

My wife and i were flying from houston international (iah) to port of spain tobago (pos) on our honeymoon on june 28 of 2009. i still have the flight itinerary and double checked the date and times. the day was mostly clear with a few clouds. i remember being able to see the gulf really clearly and i could make out boats and oil rigs. not sure what altitude that would have been. the flight left iah at 1pm and landed in pos at 7:40pm. the flight path took us over the gulf of mexico. we were a couple of hours into the flight and we could just make out the mexico city area way off in the distance and the yucatan area. so it was probably close to 3pm central. i was looking out the window at the gulf and the land when i looked up to the horizon and saw a silver spherical object flying along side us. it was close enough to say its diameter would have been close to the width of the plane's cabin. maybe a little larger in diameter. it didn't appear close enough to be disturbing the plane's flight capability. it's hard to judge size and distance without something to reference by. but it was closer than any two flying things needed to be. it didn't appear to be glowing, but it did reflect the sunlight. the color reminded me of mercury a little bit, the metal not the planet. it didn't change shape. didn't have any lights on it. i immediately thought "oh, that's the silver orb that buzzes around mexico city all the time." i had my wife look out the window at it. but she doesn't recall the event. i do remember her basically saying "not dealing with it." she's good at ignoring things that cause too much stress in the moment. that's why i'm saying one observer. no one else on the plane said anything. i didn't get up and shout about it so i guess i'm just as guilty about either not wanting to seem crazy or start a panic in a flying tube. more compelled by social derision than the object. i watched it for what seemed like 10 minutes maybe. it didn't zip around, just followed peacefully along side the plane. eventually a black cloud or fumes erupted from the back of it. you know back in old cartoons when a super hero would grow tall? like apache chief. he sort of grew in animated chunks. that's what that seemed like the smoke or fumes did. it didn't seem like a steady flow of smoke, but sort of like time skipped maybe? i remember thinking "oh it's sick" but i can't tell you why. maybe conditioning that black smoke and vehicles don't go together. it left this really long trail of the smoke behind it. and it either vanished or accelerated so fast i couldn't see it. but it seemed like it was going west. like it was going away from the plane. the smoke stayed behind and floated past us like a normal cloud in the distance would. no one said anything. the flight wasn't bumpy or disturbed. no lights flickered. the remainder of the flight was normal. i kept looking out the window for more but never saw anything. didn't see anything on the way back either.

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Credit: MUFON

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