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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Levittown, New York on 2018-08-14 20:25:00 - Red light,strange movements followed by plane.Became 5or6 in a circle,hovering,each with a yellow light at bottom.2 more observed 5 mins later.

I was walking my dog around a somewhat open area (a park). i was talking to my friend on my cell phone, and we kept getting disconnected. it was a beautiful night with a crescent moon,and i kept looking up at the night sky. i saw a red light moving in an unusual pattern, kind of zig zag, and a plane seemed to be following it. this was north and very slightly east of me. it was around 8:25 pm. the light stopped moving. suddenly it was 3, and then 5 or possibly 6. this was instantaneous. they were hovering in a large circle formation, and it seemed that the plane flew right through the circle. i was super excited, and kept trying to call (and facetime) my friend. kept getting disconnected. tried to use my phone camera, but i was having trouble with that as well. i did manage to connect on facetime at one point, and showed my friend what i was seeing. this was when they were dissolving, for lack of a better word. they kind of fizzled out. i can't recall exactly how long they were visible for, but the circle formation lasted for probably around 2 minutes. but my friend did see it when there were 2 left. each red object seemed to be the same size, with a yellow light at the bottom. i'm not clear on the exact shape. it was somewhere between round and cylindrical. i felt elated. started walking towards home, still talking with my friend (poor reception, frequent disconnections). then, 5 or 10 minutes later, to the east, i saw one red light, then a second (possibly a 3rd) a couple minutes after. these did not have the yellow light at the bottom, and dissipated more quickly. the shape of these seemed round, and in my perception they were smaller. these lights seemed different from the first. they dissipated like the earlier ones, but more rapidly. they moved in a straight path. the others looked like solid objects, but i'm not sure about these. i arrived home around 8:45, and saw the last light around 8:40. i realize that there's probably a good explanation, but figured i should report it. i'm hoping other people observed it, so i can understand what i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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