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Friday, August 31, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Ponoka, Alberta on 2013-06-15 09:15:00 - Hobbema/wetaskiwin/ponka area

Having been in the wetaskiwin/ponoka/hobbema area, there is a lot of controversy around this subject. i was questioned in a cold case, no statue of limitations, in regards to being a missing persons. this goes back to when i was a young child, interpol has been trying to deal with this, i believe they have also filed a grievance in regards to this case, how they don't do this in cases like this. people who have experience with these kind of cases, the safety concerns make a huge difference. i have been harassed about some jerk george that i don't know trying to call him self a boss, king etc. this has been reported to the police, as i have been harassed about being the illegitimate daughter of prince albert from monoco, this is not true. there is controversy about government and government experiments out of this area also. that is not true. the government involvement had to do with a long term missing persons case that is a rare case, people read about that in news papers all the time. in missing persons cases the police will do what is called flooding to secure an area around a missing persons for perpetrator issues. the rcmp, the gang units, alert and interpol have been investigating this for sure since 2010 in the central alberta area. with a cold case it has been longer with interpol. this has been deemed cruel and inhumane legally with how this case has been mishandled. i resigned from the centennial centre siting reasons of bullying, harassment and discrimination in relation to this case, and was validated by the government of canada with this. the rcmp have been investigating rcmp grant money, with the justice department for human trafficking in the hobbema area also. i have been complying with them with these investigations, the police are aware of a lot. just like i was being called an aryan and it, that was reported. i have heard of impersonating police, that is reported. i have been at human rights also, the rcmp and gang units are aware of this to. the made up eastern star group, made up code language, and another alias was an illuminati group around this case are not true and under investigation by the legal legitimate police.

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Credit: MUFON

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