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Monday, August 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Banbridge, Northern Ireland on 2018-08-07 22:07:00 - 3 craft dropped below clouds 3 seconds after 'meteor' or something else fell to the left.

i was hoping to get advice on who to contact regarding a sighting here on the 7th august. i live just in northern ireland. on the 7th august at 10.08pm i was saying goodbye to my brother in the driveway of my home. the sky was full of low lying grey clouds. the sky was an 'even' grey and it was still fairly bright at this stage of the evening. i saw what i thought was a shooting star, but it appeared very low in the sky at a vertical angle. the oddest thing was the colour. it was a mainly pink colour with a bright white flash when it first appeared. it left a white cluster of smoke where it had first appeared. now, this is just part of it. within three seconds of the 'shooting star' disappearing, 3 golden white coloured lights dropped below the cloud cover at the same speed, slowed then stopped. they were in a sideways triangle view, 12, 6 and 3 o'clock positions. the one at 3 o'clock was double the size of the other 2 with a dark rectangular shape in the middle. all 3 vehicles were round in shape with the largest looking like two tennis balls stuck together at a 10 to 4 angle. i work with distances everyday. i estimate they were 1 mile from my viewpoint and at an altitude of about 500ft to 600ft in altitude. there was no noise from the 'meteor' and no noise from the 3 craft. after a pause of 30 seconds, the 3 craft divided up, 12 o'clock headed south east, the 6 o'clock headed south, and the 3 o'clock headed west. all of the lights became smaller in size as they were moving, disappearing after 10 to 15 seconds. the cluster of smoke from the pink streak stayed in the sky in the same spot for just under an hour later. when i first saw what happened, i honestly thought the 3 craft had destroyed something in mid air. when i went into the house to tell my wife, she said that i was visibly shaking. i felt quite overwhelmed and a little nauseous for sometime after. my brother did not see the initial 'meteor', but he did witness everything else. i was facing him and he turned around when i mentioned the flash and trail from the 'shooting star'. i'm also a photographer with an interest in astronomy, and in all of my years i have never seen a meteor of that colour, or have seen one enter our atmosphere in that manner. the speed and agility of the craft were unlike anything i've ever seen. they definitely were not planes, drones or helicopters. i have photographed many airshows in my time and i do not believe that these craft were man-made. the reason i contacted you is this. i'm just an 'ordinary joe', but i was hoping that with mufons contacts and connections, that you may be able to see if anything was recorded or reported locally on radar. we have 2 airports 20 miles north and a second 20 miles east. i can give you a precise time and location of interest to the nearest 2 mile radius if you feel that it is something that your organisation could look into further. i strongly feel that something major occurred on the 7th august, and that this 'meteor' or damaged craft was definitely connected to the 3 craft that appeared 3 seconds later. perhaps an accident in the making?? at this time, i have not heard of anything reaching the ground or of anything unusual in the media.

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Credit: MUFON

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