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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Valley, Alabama on 2018-08-14 01:15:00 - Star-like, pulsating object that wobbled in place for long duration

I received a call from my brother between 1:10-1:15 am eastern time (early morning of august 14, 2018) for me to go outside and look to the southern sky in my backyard. my brother had been alerted to the object by my step-father. my brother and father were at their house, my wife and i were at my house. the sky was mostly clear though several times my view was obstructed by light cloud cover moving over my location and between myself and the object. upon stepping out onto my back patio i observed what at first appeared to be a very bright star but after observing on and off for several minutes it was clear that this object was oscillating in a centralized/general area of the sky - sometimes moving wildly left & right or up & down. at certain points during the sighting, small and very faintly lit "orbs" or balls of light could be seen emitting from the unknown object. these orbs traveled in a straight line very quickly from the center of the object. i am aware of many of the tricks your eyes can play on you when staring too long or too hard at the night sky and i have experienced these many times. i look at the sky often. but this was nothing like that. i am especially less inclined to apply that explanation here as there were several instances throughout the sighting where myself, my brother (whom i was on the phone with), or my wife would call attention to the others to the object moving erratically. and when i say simultaneous reactions to movement what i mean is: i cannot recall a single time the object moved where everyone did not immediately agree that it was indeed moving - either by being alerted to the movement by others or by having been observing the object for some period of time themselves alerting others. in other words, we all (4 of us) observed movement simultaneously many times and also agreed/observed the same pattern of movement (left & right, up & down, or both). my wife became (almost) immediately uneasy and nauseous upon first observing the object and had to go back into the house at one point because of this. another odd factor in all of this was that i was not able to observe any other air traffic in the portion of the sky inhabited by the object. my house is not exactly sitting beneath a major air traffic area, but it is still highly unusual to look at the sky at any given time for longer than 15-20 minutes and absolutely zero commercial airline traffic. if i had seen this by myself i most likely would have just written it off as me being tired and/or the night sky playing tricks on me - but the near simultaneous reactions and corroborating observations make me feel like this was more than an ordinary star in the sky. in total, all 4 of us observed the object for a little over two hours before going to bed - my brother & step-dad from their house and my wife & i from ours.

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Credit: MUFON

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