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Saturday, August 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greene, Maine on 2018-08-11 00:00:00 - Distant extremely bright white blush light that started moving up down side to side then pulsated different colors

My nephew (31yr old) and i (46yr old) were in greene maine house and dog sitting for my sister. we are both smokers and smoke outside on the back deck. at first we were out just as it had gotten dark and the stars were just starting to be seen. my nephew is constantly looking at stars and planets and will go out on clear nights with his 7 year old son when the iss app tells him it's overhead. it was a very clear night and we were a little bummed that the iss wasn't scheduled to go over however mars was incredibly bright in the sky. i took my gaze off mars and asked my nephew if what i was seeing was venus. we both were looking in that direction and what looked like a normal white star blinked out and blinked back on but had moved quite far. i thought i was possibly seeing things so i asked my nephew to look at that star telling him i had thought i saw it jump from side to side and as we were looking at it together it did it again but up. we were still looking at it it did it again to the side again almost like it was doing a huge square. we talked about what we had seen and i was brushing it off as possibly some sort of optical illusion or something and went about a normal night. the next time we were both out back together was a little after midnight. it was completely dark and we were able to see all the stars and visible planets. it was completely clear except for a slight cloud cover to the west. again looking at what we both thought was venus my nephew saw something bright just over the treeline but quite a ways away to the west. it was extremely bright bluish white light and obviously not a star. i thought plane because it was so bright but it wasn't moving. then i thought helicopter over lewiston auburn but any helicopter close enough to us to be that bright we would have surely heard even if faintly. we would have heard something but it was perfectly quiet. i asked my nephew if it was a planet then it started to dart up and down. after it went up then back down we both started seeing red, green, yellow light flashing one after another around the bluish white light. we couldn't see a solid object to see any detail because of how bright that central light was. i couldn't even give a guess what shape it would be but it was quite a ways away and so bright it must have been big. we watched it for about ten minutes with the different color lights flashing around the big central bluish white light and started to notice the bottom of the small wispy cloud cover was lighting up the same colors as each flashed. we were looking at the lights bouncing off the bottom of the clouds and noticed what looked like a star without the normal twinkle of a star start to move and like earlier it blinked out and was to the right of the bright light. it blinked out again and then we saw it come on again right above the bright light. all of a sudden after about 20 to 25 minutes of watching these lights seemingly dance in the sky as the smaller light got right above the bright light they both just went completely out and we didn't see either the bright or star like light again.

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Credit: MUFON

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