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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Abiquiu, New Mexico on 2006-06-01 22:00:00 - Giant craft in northern new mexico area

I was going home with my cousin , i remember coming from espanola, a city about 14 miles south of where my sighting happened, it was really late i was 16 at the time ,my cousin was about in her late 20's. i noticed from about maybe 5 miles away or more but, i could see bright light in the horizon, i remember thinking it was the bar lights or something like that , because that's the only thing that would be open in this area, keep in mind this is a rural area ,in the boonies if you will. right before you get to the bar there is a turn off it goes to el rito ,but if you keep going straight it will take you to abiquiu. as soon as we passed the turn off we realized this bright light that is lighting up the northern horizon, is not the blue spruce bar but something way bigger, the light is really intense for what i thought it was a movie set or something to that effect. after you pass the bar the river starts to be visible, so i see this big object in the ground with all this lights all over and i'm freaking out and my cousin is freaking out, we don't know what we are looking at, that summer i had alot of instances of seeing this type of things, this for sure was not the last. the craft is huge like 1 mile huge, and it's on the ground from what i can tell ,the craft looks black ,it has a top like i guess describe like ringed planet, but the rings are rounded , they dont stick out absurdly, on the rings are lights i remember them being blue and white, and pulsing all the around the craft in unison, it looked like a snake of light going around and around the craft, and below there are these flashing lights they looked like police lights, i remember that specifically because i thought it was a joke or a movie set. deep down though i feel this is not that . the flashing lights strobed, like police lights but were all blue and below the craft. i'm not sure what i was looking at below the craft it looked like trucks or some human vehicles with this blue lights, in my mind i thought it was government vehicles. i got very scared on that thought so i wanted to leave, i remember seeing like 8 sets of these the police lights under the craft.I didn't own a cell phone then ,i remember having a windup camera and trying to take pictures ,of course i knew if that craft was real then the pictures of that night would probably not develop.My full attention was on the lights and the craft ,i remember hearing something made a sound like a generator accompanied with a hum. the event is one i remember decently well, i would like to try hypnotism to recover some more of the details if possible because i feel there is alot more to remember, i told my cousin we needed to leave. i can remember being so shocked on what it was, how big it was ,and why no-one seemed to be driving passed all of a sudden , i remember it eerily quiet. i remember me being quiet and trying to take pictures . i remember not wanting to use the flash because i didn't want no-one to see us if there were government vehicles there. as we are leaving im still seeing lights all along the river until we go in to the abiquiu pueblo. i talked about what we saw and my cousin and i agree it was some kinda mother craft .The legth of the lights from where i saw start to end and then repeat was something like 1 mile . never saw something that big again over the course of i guess 2 years we would encounter some more incidents but that's for another time. i had gone to drop of 4 the film to the camera i had used to take pictures of the craft,i'm not sure what happened but none of craft pictures came out they were unusual i remember telling my cousin because the pictures before that night did get developed, no problem except of course the event in question. to this day i still wonder wtf i saw the craft if it apart of it or if was actually government vehicles, i like to add that the lights from the crafts rings and sets of police like lights were the same blue.

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Credit: MUFON

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