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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Willow Park, Texas on 2017-08-10 21:30:00 - Shinny black thick triangle hovering in complete silence right of the highway

My wife an i was driving home from my mothers house an hour away around 9:30 at night she was driving her car with our daughter in front of me as i followed her in my truck . halfway home i noticed a big triangulared object hovering above the ground about 100 off the ground. i quickly reached for my phone to call my wife an at the same she was actually calling me, so i answered an she said oh wow do you see that to the right side of the highway , i said yes i was callin to see if you were looking at it too .. it was real dark out that paticular night an the sky had kinda a dull satin black color to it, but the object clearly stood out an it has a weird shine to it almost like a mirror but it was black , as we drove by we noticed patterens of some sort all over the sides like some kind of writing . it was about 15 ft thick an each side was about 80 ft long in a triangle shape . even though it was dark this object stood out very clearly an you could see the outline of it easily . the wierd this was something felt odd as we drove by it . it was 300 ft away an 100ft off the ground so it looked like it was nearly right over us it was so big an it just hovered there with not a single sound , we were so zoned into looking at this object we noticed it was drowning out the surrounding road highway noise that was around us . that's so odd how something so big can remain so quiet an somehow kill out its surrounding noise . we witnessed it hovering for 3 miles we slowed down to 30 mph just to get a longer safer look at it. we're families with this location cause it's where the highway starts to curve an there were no near store ,lights,buildings the closest building is about 1/4 mile away from where we saw this object . after driving home that night we just couldn't stop talking about it . thinking did we really just see this . i ended up having to drive back to my mothers house early that next morning to get my tool bag i left, an i drove by the exact same spot an tried to make logic with what we saw , but there was absolutely nothing there still to this day i drive by there every day just about going to work an most days it's night when i get off work an still nothing explains what we seen . i'm not sure if it was a man made craft or a et craft but it was hovering with a slight movement an completely quiet with a shimmer gloss black stealth color with 6 lights that were real dim that kind of faded yellow,orange,white color by seeing those corner light i was kinda able to determine a height an length of the object . sry for the terrible grammar i just wanted to get this out there

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Credit: MUFON

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