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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Glasgow, Scotland on 2016-06-30 22:30:00 - Saw single orb stopped for photo, dissapeared. 2 orbs appeared filmed 1.24 mins.

My girlfriend and i were driving home from her sister's one night. we have an ongoing joke 'aliens in the flightpath', which refers our beleif that many 'ufo' sightings are planes seen from obscure angles, sky lantern, etc. we use this expression to draw one and other's attention to obvious planes, balloons and sky lanterns as well as anything unusual. on this occasion i used this expression as i pointed to what i thought was a sky lantern. as i was driving and always keep my visor down to prevent glare from the sky, i couldn't keep track of it. my girlfriend continued to watch and i would have the occasional glance. she kept asking what it was. i said a sky lantern? she didn't think so. as i had a occasional glance i mentioned now and then the outside seemed to glow red. i suggested it could be a plane in the distance and the red glow was it's wing ligjts. at the time i was trying to rationalise what it could be and hadn't thought that plane wing lights are red and green. being curious but having no idea we decided to drive to where we could see the orb and stop for a picture. i stopped, rolled the car window down and got my phone out of my pocket. by the time i got it open and found the camera, just as i went to take a snap the light instantly dissapeared . we discussed it for a minute and i said it may have been a sky lantern but i wasn't comfortable the way it went out instantly. any fire i have ever witnessed has a power struggle, a flicker while the fire fights for the last consumables. once everything has burned there's usually some form of glowing embers. anyway, i thought whatever, lets go home. as i started driving again my girlfriend said "there's another" i asked where, she said there's another. i stopped the car and got out and filmed 1.24 mins of video of the 2 orbs. i initially thought they might stiĺl be sky lanterns but what we observed was definately not sky lanterns, fireflies or anything else i understand. i tried zooming in as far as i could while keeping both orbs within the screen. with hindsight, i wish i'd zoomed in on one just to get a closer look but i didn't want to miss anything. while recording, the right hand orb started flashing and dissapeared. the left one then started to fade. i said to my girlfiend that they were fading but she could still see the left hand orb with her naked eye. on my screen it faded until i could no longer see it. i continued pointing for a few seconds. when we got home and i checked back the video i was blown away at what my camera had picked up. on viewing the raw footage i could see a purple plasma emanate from the streetlight and appear to head towards the right hand orb. i've tried replicating this plasma phenomenon by taking numerous videos of streetlights in various weather conditions but as yet have drawn a blank. on further investigation i found that while it's relatively easy to produce purple plasma in a lamp due to the gas within. to create purple plasma in our atmosphere you apparently require a highly radio active field. there also appeared to be a series of red orbs which came from the streetlight on the right and seem to head into the right orb. the video also showed that both orbs appeared to flash (neither of us saw the left orb flash). the left orb flashed then as though in reply the right orb flashed. there seemed to be a bit more flashing back and forth then the right orb started flashing on and off at a slower frequency. when the right orb dissapeared on and off, at one stage it momentarily appears at the top of the centre of the screen. i've attached the original video and an edited version using a filter. i would request both audio tracks be erased before sharing as it is rather embarrassingcan send you the video but would like to first of all erase the audio as it is rather embarrassing and also contains copywrite music. near the end of the video there is a light which moves around the screen. i beleive this to be a camera flare.

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Credit: MUFON

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