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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Old Warden, England on 2018-05-06 17:25:00 - Seen hovering stationary above airshow which as attended by thousands of people

This object was spotted buy myself hovering above an airfield in bedfordshire england. i have visited this place many times. in fact i am a member of the museum there. on this occasion late in the afternoon around 5.25 pm while photographing some gliders performing tows and aerobatics i noticed a very bright star like object high up but not overhead. i recognized the object as i have seen these before but more about that later.It was stationary as far as i could tell and remained visible for some five or six minutes in a very blue and cloudless spring sky. i began to take photos of the object hoping to enlarge the images when i returned home that same evening along with all the other images i had taken that day. i take many aviation photos as a hobby and have done for many years. i remember while taking the pictures ,looking around to see if anyone around me was looking up at the object. maybe by there reaction, pointing etc. but who knows its hard to tell if anyone could or had noticed it or had even taken any notice. after a while the object simply disappeared from view almost as though it had flown away very quickly. it was star like but later looking at the images noticed it had a structure and either reflective silver like or lit from within. also not round in shape although enlarging the image may have caused the shape to distort somewhat so its hard to tell. as i said before this was not my first encounter with these lights as i have noticed the in the sky all my life. some more round like silver balls and moving through the sky. all during daylight hours and even responding to me watching. one flew over my garden and when i noticed i thought it to stop and it did....Even allowing me to run in the house and grab some binoculars and observe the object closer. very silver and round just like a silver sphere and high up or just very small. i also saw one while walking one day. it changed direction in an instant and began following a jet airliner. my wife also witnessed it to.Also i have seen the same hovering object in the the sky at another air show a few year's ago .

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Credit: MUFON

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