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Monday, August 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tillamook, Oregon on 2018-08-12 23:00:00 - Bright, starlike object making random turns/stops/hovers for several minutes

I was sitting in my truck on 3rd st, tillamook, or and decided to see if i could site one of the perseid meteors, as i knew the shower was happening this evening, 12 aug 2018. i saw a bright star-like object moving quickly across the sky, almost directly above. there was no trail, so i was certain it wasn't a meteor, and i thought first it was an aircraft, though it was moving very fast from the ese to wnw, and seemed too fast for a high-flying jet. i also immediately considered the potential of a satellite, but again it was moving much faster than any satellite i've ever seen.. however, it suddenly stopped in it's tracks and began moving erratically. i knew that was unusual and as i continued watching it, it began making random turns, starts, and stops, sometimes moving in a straight line, sometimes making short zig-zag movements. i was bracing my head against the frame of my truck's driver window, to insure i did't move. i watched the object for about five minutes and it continued the random motions the entire time. the object retained its brightness throughout the time i watched it, and i was unable to determine it's distance from me. my credentials include a lifelong interest in aircraft and space craft of all types, and significant experience with high-powered hobby rocketry. i am a member of tripoli rocketry assn, with a membership number under 500, and a personal altitude record for one of my rockets at 12,500+ feet agl @ black rock desert, nv. my experimental aircraft assn membership number is slightly above 80000. my father was an air force b-17 through b-52 command pilot, retiring after 24 years military service. i work as a medical professional, with over 4.5 decades in my field of specialization, and served in the u s army for over 9 years. i honestly don't know what i saw tonight, but it didn't display any of the normal flight characteristics of an aircraft, fixed- or rotor-wing, any spacecraft/satellite i've ever heard of or personally seen, a meteor or star/planet, or any other "normal" aerial craft or phenomena. the object was pinpoint bright, similar to a star or planet, yet it's erratic, abrupt motions ruled out any "standard" explanation. it was, to me, a ufo, an unidentified flying object, but i make absolutely no claims as to the origin of this erratically moving light near the zenith in the sky. i would be willing to swear an oath as to the truth of this statement. rpg

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Credit: MUFON

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