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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey on 2018-08-09 22:30:00 - Small yellowish white orb scribbling around the sky

I was literally in motion of laying down to go to bed, right around 10:30pm within a minute or two, when i saw through a small window at the peak of the room what i thought was a plane. the way i was moving prompted me to jump back up and look at it before i lost sight through the small window.( i skywatch and see "dots" or faint lights traversing the sky which i assume are satellites) i started to walk to the edge of the room to keep watching it and it suddenly stopped and no longer moved. i then began to question myself, but clearly saw it moving quickly across the sky moments before, so i kept watching. that is when i thought i noticed it bouncing or giggling a little, against questioning my eyes. it wasn't until it made more drastic, but still sutttble drops, rises in elevation, short rights and lefts, and my favorite a kind of dramatic tumble. i had chills for a while every time i saw these obvious movements. i called my mom who lives close and she came over and witnessed it for the second hour of me seeing it, which made me happy to have other eyes confirm this, let alone her reactions as it moved. i watched for two hours till i regrettably had to go to sleep because of work in the morning. the really interesting part i saw it again several days later and have continued to see it over the past several weeks in the same part of the sky from 8:30pm on. it doesn't always move as drastically but it always drifting around. i've looked at it through a telescope and am able to see a yellow/white/orange orb. one solid color. i'm hoping there's others out there who are seeing it!

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Credit: MUFON

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