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Saturday, August 25, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Derrick City, Pennsylvania on 2007-06-12 00:00:00 - Black triangle, 3 star-like lights in each corner

In june, 2007, it was about 11pm and i was walking my dog (an outdoor-only labrador retreiver) around the yard of my house to do her business. as i was walking, i looked up at the clear star-filled sky and noticed three brighter stars right above me. the 3 stars looked like the ordinary star (light white color, gently twinkling), except they were slightly brighter than the other stars and if you were to connect them together, they would make a fairly large triangle shape. the longer i stared at these 3 particular "stars", i noticed that they were coming from a solid black triangular object. i could just barely see the outline of the object along the night sky and each corner of the object had one "star" light. the object was at a steady altitute just above the treetops, and when i turned from the backyard into the side yard, i noticed the object made a sharp 90-degree turn in the same direction as i turned in. as if it was literally following me and my dog around the yard. then, i turned from the side yard to the front yard, and the object made a sharp turn again. then i went to put my dog in her cage, i looked at the object and it was no longer above me, it was just a small distance away and still in my front yard, but it was slowly coming in my direction at about 2 or 5mph. i took my eyes off it for a minute just to put my dog away in the cage, and when i looked back up, the object was nowhere around. i can only assume it must have accelerated off somewhere. i looked around, but didn't see it anywhere in sight. the experience probably lasted only 5-10 minutes, and the whole time, it made no noise whatsoever, and i never seen anything like it again.

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Credit: MUFON

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