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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Campo, California on 2018-07-23 00:00:00 - Object appeared, disappeared, reappeared, then i lost contact. i am former ada, know how to track aircraft

I was traveling east on i-5 from san diego to el centro on the 23rd of july. it was approximately 1400. weather conditions were sunny, hot, clear. i was traveling at highway speed (70 mph, +/- 5 mph). i observed a flying object that suddenly appeared in my field of view to the se of the highway between the golden acorn exit and the jacumba exit on i-5. i was and air defense artillery soldier (vulcan), from 1982-1990, and have extensive experience scanning for, tracking, and identifying aircraft. this object suddenly appeared in a section of sky that i had just looked at after checking my passenger side mirror. i looked at it for a second, then checked the road, then looked back. it was gone. i checked the road again and looked back, and there was a shimmer, and it reappeared. as the road in that area is windy and steep, i checked the road and looked back (less than a second on each road check by the way), and the object was gone. i still know most aircraft in the military inventory, and know civilian aircraft also. this was not any military aircraft currently in the inventory, nor anything that i have seen in concepts that are being published. the flight path would not have been anything flying out of socal to the east coast, and i know of no civilian flights from mexico that fly that path into the usa. this thing appeared to be flashing in and out of our atmosphere. the flashes i got of it in the 2 appearances that i saw showed that it had a cockpit, windows, and the appearance of wings (the rear of the aircraft was obscured by the "shimmer". this was not any fighter aircraft i have ever seen. just thought i would drop a note about this in case anyone else had ever seen anything similar in the area. wish i would have been parked and just watching the sky at that point, i could have given a better report. as a side note, in 1983, on sicily drop zone at ft. bragg, nc, i observed a ufo after a night jump. after we had turned in our parachutes, and assumed a tactical perimeter, i was watching the sky (that's what us air defense guys do!!). i saw what i thought was a satellite crossing the sky. i spent my last 2 years of high school in granbury, tx, and, being a small town, we spent a lot of time just sitting on the hoods of our trucks looking up at the stars (and drinking a brew or two!!!). we were so far out in the boonies that the lack of light pollution allowed us to see satellites crossing the sky almost every night, so i knew what they looked like. that night on the drop zone, i thought that i was watching a satellite, just like the old days. it was crossing left to right (i don't remember the compass readings, it was a long time ago) on a steady trajectory across the sky. it suddenly did a 40 degree or so angle up and disappeared in a second or so.

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Credit: MUFON

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