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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Kingston, Ontario on 2012-07-05 00:00:00 - Red glowing ufo flew past my head

I was standing at a bus stop, in an area where there were many buildings(stores, apartments, other businesses), having just gotten off work. this was approx 6 yrs ago. i was just standing there and was kinda startled (jumped a bit) and this ufo was a reddy-orange..All glowing that color.Solid but not, all i saw was the glow, it was lower than the height of a telephone pole, flew right past my head. when i think back i can believe it was real, but i took a pic lol...Anyway it passed me going really slow but steady..I would say about 20 miles perhour...It went about a block and i thought omg i need a pic, coming out of my surprised mode..So i took a pic. it being somewhat late at night when the sun was just starting to go down the pic is dark except for the ufo, i wish i had taken it sooner. being on a phone pic it appears farther away than it actually was. i would say it was a block away but in the pic it looks about a mile away. i said out loud..Come back..But it didnt. i didnt recall having any lost time, but i dont know. i have seen ufo's since i was young. i have seen(no pics of these since camera phones are just coming popular and im in my 50s) many types, a very large cigar shape one(i would say about 3 times the size of a 747 if you looked at one in the sky going by) flying at a 45 degree angle going north, i have seen an orb hovering over a cow on an island close to my town, on wolfe island(i wanted to stop and look but my mother is skeptical and wouldnt stop) this was about a foot across, i have seen silver dots in the sky that maneuver unlike a plane...Etc..I think the biggest one i saw just blanked out the stars(last time we had a red moon visible here) as it passed the stars became visible again, so if you put your hand straight up into the sky thats about how big it would be.. the pics were taken on my older phone..Not an iphone it was a blackberry wanna be

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Credit: MUFON

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