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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Glen Carbon, Illinois on 2018-08-13 20:57:00 - Black pulsating boomerang came from over the trees covered and left slowly

We were sitting watching the perseids when at the same time we both gasped at the black pulsating triangle with round orbs at the points that came out from behind the trees directly in front of our parking lot. if one was not staring at the sky looking for something, such as the meteor shower, it could have been completely overlooked as it was black and cloaked like it was in the clouds. one half of the sky had suddenly clouded over prior to this. 10 minutes earlier we could clearly see the moon and venus, but then suddenly, a line of clouds covered the moon leaving only venus to be seen and then we saw the dark object come right over head. it was coming from the west and moving towards the east. and move directly over our vehicle which was parked with the headlights on. it's stopped directly over us in the trees and i only saw this when i got out of the car and looked closely and could see the pulsating triangular shape. i ran back in the car to call somebody and tell them what i was witnessing, and when i came back outside i did not notice the cloaked object any longer.

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Credit: MUFON

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