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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rocky River, Ohio on 2018-08-01 21:40:00 - Glowing lights over cleveland suburb

Me and my friends were driving in our car. we looked across the street and over past the shopping complex we were next to were 3 bright lights. at first we thought we might have mistaken them for street lights or planes or stars or something but it couldn’t be any of them. they were too big to be planes or stars and too far to be a street light and have that same intensity. they all had a gold glow. at first they stayed in triangle formation with two of the lights staying small and one becoming bigger or more bright. this seemed like a random pattern. one disappeared or we lost sight of it. we kept driving and they stayed east as we drove. my one friend refused to drive closer and my and my other friend were pretty chill about it at the time but the more i think the more freaked out i get. we drove to a park where it was out of sight. when we left, we regained sight of the light. there was only one and it was at a really bright point and it stayed hovering like it had been but then moved really unnaturally up across the sky for a second. it was so odd. we kept driving away because my friend was so shaken up by the sight of it. i never really believed in these ufo sighting but this really was unexplainable. i wish i snapped a picture but my friend wouldn’t let us stop the car. update my friend texted me and said that she had seen it again while we were all driving home in the same place. apperantly the light hit it and it looked like a giant mass where the lights where originating from. whatever it was, i don’t think it was from this earth. that sounds so cliche but true. i feel sick to my stomach.

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Credit: MUFON

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