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Monday, August 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Luis Obispo, California on 2018-05-14 01:20:00 - Slow moving fireball, piece broke off and pulsated. disintegrated in air.

I will attach my audio log, made ten minutes after witnessing, that is the best description of the event. i was driving down the road (1:20 am), when i see what appears to be a helicopter light shining over the underpass and traveling in my direction. the object is extremely bright for how far off it is. i turned off my music and unrolled the windows to see if i could hear it. i drive under the highway, but when i come out i still can't hear anything. so it's not a helicopter. it's a slow moving fireball (to picture the rate of movement, imagine a small propeller plane moving through the sky at a low elevation, maybe 500-1000 feet) and is completely silent. it burns an amber orange color and has a long trail behind it. it looks like a huge, very slow meteor (like 5 times slower than most shooting stars). i turn into the road leading to my house, and it's still there, but a piece of the main part has broken off and is decelerating behind the fireball, pulsating. the light consistently dims and then flashes, it reminds me of when i saw a satellite spinning as it moved and had a consistent flashing pattern. the pulses were maybe 2-3 seconds in between each other. i have time to manage to park my car and see the very last bit of the fireball disintegrate in the air. the next day i estimated how far i had driven my car and at what speed and arrived at a calculation of 110 seconds, which coincided with my gut feeling of a couple minutes. then i calculated the apparent speed and it was 10 times slower than a meteor revolving around the earth, but i was surprised that it was within an order of magnitude. these are very rough estimates, and should be taken with a grain of salt. what i'm thinking is possibly a satellite re-entering the atmosphere, at a leisurely pace compared to an asteroid or something like that. a chunk broke off and was spinning as it broke up in the atmosphere, which caused the pulsating light as it must have been of irregular shape. googling my location and time of the event, i found nothing on it, and still find nothing on it. it's the first time where i've really had to question the validity of my observing something, because my story cannot be related to anyone else i know. anyways, a brilliant experience, truly the most thrilling thing i've seen in my life!

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Credit: MUFON

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