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Friday, August 10, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Lab on 2005-06-30 00:00:00 - Triangle craft, 3 points of light that were 3 spinning lights at each point.

I didn't witness this personally, but it came from a very credible source (a family member) that i fully trust and believe. it came up in conversation while we were playing steam games together. i will just paste the conversation here, excuse the casual nature and formatting of the text, it's taken directly from a chat window. "xoskeletal : where were you guys smoking when you seen the bay object loudsilence : say when ur going up humber road past the tin man u take a left down a little street out on his driveway xoskeletal : so like over station road way loudsilence : no tin man there by the chinese wall xoskeletal : k loudsilence : yep it flew above that marine building there one with the big parking lots xoskeletal : the weird one? medical? white fucked up building? loudsilence : where the cruise ships dock xoskeletal : ah where the crane is loudsilence : almost like customs yea i remember seeing gulls flying around the lights xoskeletal : like wtf was it fast, did it swoop in? tell me again lol loudsilence : around the light poles xoskeletal : so like you seen it fly in or just noticed it hovering there loudsilence : it came down slow we didnt know wtf it was only seen when it was like mid sky prob the height of the tallest hills, but it was in middle of bay and came down and in toward that building xoskeletal : keep going loudsilence : then it hovered, for quite some time before backing up the way it came then when it got mid it accellerated crazy fast and went up past the clouds was freaky xoskeletal : lol holy fuck man and it was a triangle? what time of day was that? loudsilence : i remember being so fucking amazed like the hair on my arms and everything everyone was grabbing eachother lol xoskeletal : man thats amazing why did i not hear this before loudsilence : triangle but like seemed like 3 lights on each corner which rotated 9 lights total xoskeletal : like the phoenix lights one sick was it huge? how big you figure loudsilence : the size was no larger than say the big blue fishing vessle they got docked down there xoskeletal : the trawler? loudsilence : 1/10th size of a cruise ship lol the blue one ya barrys big fishin boat xoskeletal : man i wish you guys got a pic becauser i know this is 100 percent real yeah an average trawler how many people seen this thing? loudsilence : 5 of us maybe xoskeletal : with you i mean crazy loudsilence : brad has a hazy memory of it xoskeletal : fuck off maybe they took you guys lol loudsilence : and craig owned the house i havent spoke to him about it not really good buddies lol hahah xoskeletal : really loudsilence : it was almost silent over the sound of the mill and harbor ya i dont really rem,ember who else xoskeletal : right you cant hear shit there anyways loudsilence : i remember vividly the lights tho man i was trying to think of what else it would be we couldnt really see the body of it just those rotating lights it was dark xoskeletal : i wish you knew the date and time loudsilence : prob like 11pm or later : you dont know if it was 16 or 17 or the month? winter summer loudsilence : def summer i dunno what date xoskeletal : im making a mufon report for you lol do you think it was 2016 or 17 loudsilence : it was like 2005 had to be highschool or after xoskeletal : oh you were 16 or 17 damn how long did the whole event take you guess the whole smoke? loudsilence : few mins xoskeletal : what colour were the lights on the ufo? loudsilence : orange/ yellow like in between"

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Credit: MUFON

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