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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in McAlester, Oklahoma on 2018-08-08 09:35:00 - Saw a speck in the sky, they shone a light on me then came after me.

It was a normal night and i was out on my porch smoking my vape looking up at the stars when i saw a tiny speck of light like a shooting star, so i watched it pass as i wondered where it had been and where it would go when it stopped dead, i mean not like "slowed down" but just stopped moving mid flight. curious i stared at it wondering what it could be when a light, straight from the speck lit up me and about 1ft around me. i was immediately frightened and could hear an odd noise i didn't understand so i scrambled into my house for shelter, after that it's k8nda weird, i have fragmented memories of hiding in my home behind furniture and running down the hallway away from those, things. but if it was real i got a good look at them, there were three slightly hominid beings, one was about 5ft the others 6ft and 5 1/2, they stood in a stooped fashion, like leaning over to grab something, they each had four arms except the smallest one which had two arms and two nubs where the others had lower arms, the legs were digigrade with two toes on each foot, the chest was drawn and thin though covered in scales/armor? they moved quick and jerky kinda like a lizard, but the outer body looked like chitin. the face was the most prominent thing i remember, their heads were triangular with the mouth reaching both corners, looking straight at you you'd see 4 eyes, close together on both sides of the head and loads of razor sharp teeth all along the mouths edge, they pointed in all directions, when they (spoke?) they barked different sounds in high pitch, low pitch and some i can't really describe. after the part where my memory started to fluctuate i became unconscious, i awoke hours later in my bed and thought i'd drank too much or had a bad dream, but i remember like normal, no fade out like a dream.

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Credit: MUFON

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