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Monday, August 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Windsor, Nova Scotia on 2018-08-13 12:15:00 - Bright colored, teal green object with something whitish looking on it as well(maybe a wing?)

1 - i had just arrived at my family farm for the day(around 12pm), i had been watching planes spraying chemtrails very heavily that day on the drive there. when i got out of my truck and looked up through the trees toward the sun, i noticed a nasty chemical rainbow(looks like sun dog, but is from aerosols in the atmosphere) i took a picture of it then proceeded to take a few more pics of other parts of the sky, that were quickly becoming a hazy white from all the spraying going on that day. then before putting the phone away i took 1 more pic of the "chembow" then proceeded on with my day. 2 - after arriving home in the later evening, i sat down to retrieve the pics off my phone. as i was flipping through the images, fully disgusted with the amount of spraying i was seeing, i came to the last "chembow" pic i had taken and something quickly grabbed my attention. there, towards the top of the pic, was a somewhat brightly colored object. 3 - upon first glance it appeared to be just a lense flare or other such artifact, but then i started looking closer and realized it was a physical object of some description. at some points it looks like it could be just an airplane, but something is not right(i don't know how to explain it, the pic says more than i can, i think). 4 - i have no idea how this object moved because there was nothing visible when i took the pic,(there were planes around, just not right there at that time, they were more to the s and n). 5 - when i realized that what i was looking at made no sense to me, i was quite shocked, mostly because like i said, when i was taking the pic, nothing like that was visible. but as i am writing this here now, a thought occured to me, i was just a short while earlier telling my wife about well, this obviously! but also about a strange military looking plane i had seen around 3:45pm flying around 2500ft and very slow maybe 100 knots probly within less than 20 nautical miles of the farm, i was a little ways farther down the road baling hay when i had witnessed it. also i had mentioned to her about other strange aircraft i was watching on flightradar24 from throughout the day, there were alot of low/slow flying unmarked planes doing weird flight patterns(some were doing circular patterns over the ocean to the northwest of my location, others were to the east of me doing other odd patterns). anyway, may have nothing to do with anything, but it had just occured to me so i thought i would mention it here. 6 - only witnessed in photo. p.S. photo #2 shows the object in question, pic #3 is just a zoomed in copy of pic#3. pic #1 is the first i took of the "chembow" no objects are visible there. i would really like to know what this is, if anyone can help me out??

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Credit: MUFON

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