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Saturday, August 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Plant City, Florida on 2018-08-05 00:00:00 - Saw a light in the sky that flashed lights when addressed and followed requests after a week of odd events

I didn't fill out the above paperwork because this wasn't lights in the sky or anything that simple or that can be nailed down to a single date until the week starting sunday 8/5/18. i went to sleep late as i had trouble relaxing due to anxiety for unknown reasons. i slept unusually long, around 9 hours partly because when i was first woken by my fiance i was still extremely tired even though i seemed to have slept longer and harder than usual. i recalled having an extremely vivid dream. it was violent, it involved a very desolate landscape like a salt lake or could've been snow even but no foliage landscape or structure just craggy low debris or rock maybe but it seemed to have an under ground component to it. there was another male figure there that i seemed to know who appeared to be in charge but i don't remember anything else around but us. awake i don't feel like i've forgotten the dream, it feels like it's in my bead and there's a lot of it but i just can't recall it. even the parts i do remember i can't visualize. once i woke up and tried to get out of bed i felt like i had played a, full 4 quarter tackle football game. my muscles and joints were extremely sore and i was exhausted even though i had just slept much longer and harder than normal and hadn't exerted myself physically all weekend. i found it strange but ignored it. a couple days later my fiance noticed a strange wound on my led. it was almost a perfect triangle just a little bit isosoles and it was very well over a 1/4 in deep uniformly across it and the top appeared to be white/yellow scabbed like it was a burn or had been cauterized(pic attached).This was odd i was just noticing this because of the severity of the wound it should've caused some pain or sensitivity or at least had some sign that it had bled but it didn't, clean edges. i've had some previous missing time experiences and some incidents of me going missing as a child after a ufo sighting around 10 years ago i read up on the subject until it got a little uncomfortable and i believed if i left it alone it would go away. that worked until this started. on wednesday 8/8/18 around 11pm i was walking down my driveway after taking the trashcans to the main road for pick up thursday morning, i live way out in the woods outside of tampa near a state park, it's very dark and quiet at night.As i walked back to the house i was just kinda looking off into the distance thinking when a very bright star caught my eye. i kinda laughed and said out loud "are you guys here to see me" kinda joking with myself but when i said that a bright flash like a shooting star times 10 happened right then. i froze but then told myself that it was kist a coincidence, it was a shooting star that just happened to occur right then. because of previous experiences and the building intensity o felt that week i had been looking into how i could maybe protect myself against being taken against my will and what i could encounter to potentially prepare myself. in what i read it stated that there were both friendly and hostile and my free will could not be violated etc. so i asked it directly are you here to meet with me show me a definitive sign. at this point a green slow flash or light surrounded it then dissipated. surprisingly i wasn't scared. i said you can come closer slowly and the light slowly yet not slow enough for me, progressed toward me. at this point reality sunk in as did fear about where this was heading. i was pretty sure it meant me no harm and it respected my wishes when i'm sure it could've done whatever it wanted to with me easily. fear set in and i told it to stay where it was for now and that any being that did not have good intentions toward me or human species should leave immediately. i panicked a little then went inside.I thought maybe another day i would be more prepared and could possibly try again. i have not seen or felt anything else nor have i tried to tap into it. i know what this sounds like and i really don't want to report it but i don't know any other way to find people around here that might could give me some insight into this and maybe help me understand what's going on here.

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Credit: MUFON

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