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Friday, August 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fareham, England on 1980-11-22 00:00:00 - Orange large soft glowing large orb.

I was walking from my family home to my then boyfriends house in the north of fareham, about a fifteen minute walk and i believe it to be a november saturday evening in 1980-81. it was around 7pm and a clear dark evening. as i crossed the bridge that spanned the railway track in gudgeheath lane i noticed a large orange glowing orb that dwarfed the roof tops of the houses it was slowly flying over also heading northwards but far off to my right. i thought it strange as the light( like that of the glow of a street lamp, a warm but soft orange glow) didn’t blink or have any other colour too it. i lost sight of it then as it was behind the houses that started over the bridge. i’m not good at estimating distance but the semi detached roof tops ,i would say, appeared to look about 1.5” and the orb a similar size. i would estimate it was about another 5-7 minutes before i saw it again. just before i reached my then boyfriends house i had a weird and uncomfortable feeling like i was being followed. on feeling this i looked up and the orb was directly overhead, stationary and much larger. as i noticed it it suddenly shot up in a steep diagonal ascent . in the blink of an eye it went from being a very large orb above and in front of me to being a tiny spec that disappeared into the easily seen stars. i ran into my boyfriends house and his mother enquire as to why i was so startled looking. i told her of my experience of which she was amused by but then related to me a week later that her next door neighbours young daughter had run indoors crying as she had been perused up the road by a ufo describing it as i had. about a year or two later and i had moved into my marital home. it was a late night (around 11pm) and i was awake in bed . i was in the habit of sleeping with the curtains undrawn. from that window was visible the sky between the two detached houses opposite mine. i remember thinking that i’d never realised that there was a street lamp opposite my house as i was seeing the large orange glow of what i thought was such a lamp post. suddenly the light shot straight up and out of my line of vision and i was shocked to realise i had just witnessed the same event as i had done so a year or two earlier. i had told a lot of people about my previous experience (believed by very few! lol) when i saw a relative of mine who lived in north fareham she remarked that she had, on the same night and approximate time that i had observed the orb for that second time, seen what i had described to her on the occasion of my first sighting. it, she described, behaved exactly as i had seen and so i concluded that we had both witnessed the same event. i have since been fascinated by the ufo phenomena and watched many documentaries on the subject and finally decided to write down my experiences as the appearance of the ufo i witnessed has been described many times in these programmes/ documentaries.

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Credit: MUFON

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