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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Berlin, Berlin on 2018-08-09 07:00:00 - I was abducted today

I'm going to share a summary because the whole experience was very long. my alarm woke me up at 7am but i didn't have to stand up so i went to sleep again. at this moment i started seeing (with closed eyes) images, faces, like holographic pictures. this happens to me very often when i meditate before a tunel appears through which i usually disconnect from my body and make out of body experiences or connect to interdimentional beings that have messages for me. but today i don't remember any tunel, next thing i remember is that i am tied like to the back of a pick up or truck and 2 nurses (with familiar faces, but i knew they weren't they). i realized that i was seeing what they wanted me to see (because this already happened to me before), so i suddenly saw where i really was. i was tied to a kind of surgery room stretcher. i have a kind of devid glued or tied to my left hand. everytime i tried to see what was around me i only saw the closest things, lots of medical-looking devices which made differen beep sounds, as soon as i tried to see beyond that, false images appeared again on my sight, as i was again on the pick up and the nurses. i gained confidence and refused to see that, so i "stayed" on the reality of being tied on the medical room. i started trying to untie or break what was preventing me from moving my arms. a robotic voice started to repeat "change program", and the more i tried to scape, the more insistently this voice repeated "change program!" but i finally decided to bite something that was close to my head, i don't know what it was but i used this bite as a support while i made a lot of effort with my arms and next thing i know is that i made it. i felt i was sucked into my body back in my bed. it felt as if my bodxy was always there but i also had another body on this other place. so i don't know if they manipulate souls or materialize a kind of copie of our bodys or actually transport physical bodies. i just now it's been 17hrs and i'm still shaking of fear. the first time i remember being abducted i was about 5. it happens quite often but this is the second time that it's in fact scary. when i came back it was 8:30am and i had a hematoma on my right leg and many scratches.

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Credit: MUFON

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