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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Marble Falls, Texas on 2018-07-28 21:20:00 - A group of people along with myself saw about 15-ish multi-colored lights in the sky that were not stars, planes, or satellites.

On july 28, 2018, i was at summer camp near marble falls and granite shoals, texas. i was walking back to my cabin at about 9:20 at night when i looked up to see strange lights in the sky. i first thought they were the constellation orion, before realizing that was not the case as the lights were not star-colored, were too close to the big dipper, and were moving. there were somewhere between 10-20 lights, my friend counted 15, that were moving in a kind of oval formation over us from the east towards the west. they were blue, green, red, purple, and yellow-orange, and did not blink, flicker, or twinkle like stars, planes, and satellites do. the lights were too low in the sky to be planes or satellites and were too high to be remote controlled drones. also, planes and satellites cannot move in the ways that the lights did, and if they were remote controlled drones, than whoever was controlling them would've had to have been standing where me and my cabin-mates were standing. there were approximately 20 of us, all 17 or 18, along with our two counselors, 20 and 21, who all saw the lights and could not definitively say what they were. i later found out that my little brother and a group of roughly a dozen other people, including an adult who is on leadership for our summer camp, also all saw the lights, though they dismissed the lights as drones. it is possible other people also the lights, as the sky was very clear, and anyone on camp property or in the nearby houses could've seen them if they'd been looking, but i can't say who other than those with me and my brother. we watched the lights as they moved about the sky directly above us and towards the west, where they were soon out of sight. from the time i first saw the lights, to when we could no longer see them, was only about 5 minutes. the lights did not not emit any sort of sound, and we could not see if they were attached to anything. no one felt anything unusual at the time that i know of, but a week later several people in my cabin, including myself, experienced bouts of nausea and vomiting, though this could be unrelated. my father is a pilot, and he use to take me and my brother stargazing, and i know what we saw were not planes or satellites, nor do i believe they were a type of drone known to the public. also, i should note that as me and the other witnesses were at summer camp, we are not permitted cell phones or digital cameras, so were unable to get any pictures of what we saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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