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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ohio on 1947-06-06 01:00:00 - Not a ufo sighting

This does not concern a ufo sightning,but with a incident told to me about what happened after the crash. in 1961-62 i had a english teacher in high school,who told our class one day what she experienced concerning the roswell incident. she was a linquist and the government contacted her to go to wright patterson air force base to try to communicate with one surviving alien,of 3 or 4 from a ufo crash in roswell,nm. she said they were about 3 foot or so tall and had big heads. she had no luck communicating with the alien, she said she thought they communicated through their minds.(cant remember the word for it). i visited the museum in roswell in 16 and told dr. schmitt the story. he wanted me to contact some classmates to back up the story.I did and have copies on e-mail,i sent it to him but haven"t heard from him again. . it was a small class of 22 or 23 and more than half have passed. i have the teachers name but it says not to use names. you have my info if you need more. if there is any info out about my story from other docs or sources i would like to know. thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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