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Saturday, August 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tijeras, New Mexico on 2018-08-03 21:38:00 - Observed a very bright spherical object through my telescope which appeared to be hovering over albuquerque nm

My daughter and i were watching tv upstairs in our loft and i noticed a very bright large spherical light which appeared to be hovering over albuquerque some distance off to the west. at first i thought it might be the planet venus. so i grabbed my phone and pulled up my star map app. it showed jupiter off to the left of the object which i could clearly see. but venus according to the map should have been to the right of the object i was looking at and was already below the horizon. the object just hovered there and i kept looking at it waiting for it to move and for the familiar flashing lights of a plane to explain it. when it just stayed there in it's same spot and didn't appear to be a plane, i went downstairs and grabbed my two telescopes and went outside to try and get a better look at it. it was just a very bright sphere which appeared to be stationary for almost 30 minutes. it wasn't until the end that it seemed to actually slowly move down below the shadow of the mountain. one interesting thing i noticed and pointed out to my daughter as we looked at it through the telescope was the multiple aircraft i could see simultaneously in the telescope that were clearly commercial aircraft with the telltale flashing lights and wingtip lights etc. they provided a stark and vivid contrast to the other object which i still can't explain. i eventually lost sight of it behind the sandia mountains. as i previously mentioned it just seemed to slowly drop below them toward the end of the sighting. i called a local news desk to report it (koat7) and to ask if anyone else had called in a sighting. the man i spoke to said, "no". i then called my parents in ca to tell them what i was looking at and stayed on the phone with them trying to describe it until i eventually lost sight of it behind the mountains.

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Credit: MUFON

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