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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in New Orleans, Louisiana on 1973-01-15 01:15:00 - It was mid january 1973 my father and i were abducted and released back in our home.

In my home sleeping. i tried to wake up but could not move or awake. when i did my curtains were flying in the air but it was cold weather and my window was down, closed shut.No wind could get in. hovering just over my house about maybe 100 feet or so was a very bright white light with a white beam emitting from the center bottom of the craft. i ran to my fathers bedroom and he was sitting up in the bed holding his shot gun. i asked him if he saw that light and he answered yes. he told me to stay in his room until morning. when we woke up the next morning i tried to talk to him about what happened. he got very angry and told me to never ever say anything to anyone. for several days i was sore in my privet area and had a issue with time. it never effected me mentally, like i was comfortable with what happened even though i could not remember anything that took place on board ship.I went several years with no experiences until 2017 where i now live. this time i remember more of the event. i could see and feel my self ascending in a white beam of light to a round shaped craft. i could see the roof of my house as i was going up. my thought was, " oh great. i am dead." then i can remember being put in a very dark space and forced to sit by this type of soft blue screen. i was told to look and respond..But i only needed to think and what i was thinking appeared on this screen. there were mathematical formulas that i did not understand. and there were either star maps or molecular structures like the lewis dot system but the orbits were square and not round. all communication is done through telethapy. i remember waking up setting on the side of my bed. my wife was still up watching tv and i asked her if i went anywhere and she said no. for about a week or so i had problems with time either loss or advanced, this event took place about mid night. i can remember some other things but i wish not to say them here. i have a ba in archaeology and i understand the scientific methods and used them in my field work.

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Credit: MUFON

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