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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Green Valley, Arizona on 2018-08-20 00:00:00 - Pencil-shaped object 3-5 miles over mine tailings, hopscotched 3x to over our auto

My husband and i live in green valley, az. we just moved here from michigan, although we have maintained our current home as a seasonal residence for approx 12 years. on the night in question, we had gone out after dinner to get a dairy queen. our subdivision is located at what i call "the top of the hill" off a main thoroughfare. behind our home is open desert leased by the state for free-range cattle. beyond that "green space" are the mine tailings (big hills) from in-operative copper mines. these mine tailings look like plateaus to me, as they have flat surfaces/tops. we had been travelling southbound on la canada, which is a n/s road that runs through the "heart" of green valley. we turned right onto esperanza. at that corner is a walgreen's and a church. we proceeded westbound for approx 1/4 mile, with the intent of turning right (north) onto desert bell. desert bell is a ring road that traverses south to north, at the bottom of our subdivision. when you turn off esperanza from la canada, the road has a bit of an incline. we had passed a side street called paseo sarta when i (wife) noticed a light in the sky. it appeared above the mine tailings, and seemed to be approx 3-5 miles away. my gut said it was 5 miles away. the light looked like a glowing pencil. it was big. in my mind, i thought, "that looks like a lit-up cell phone tower. but, there is no cell phone tower out there. what is it." i do not know "degrees" very well, but it was probably sitting 30 to 45 degrees up in the sky. it was above the horizon, above the top of the mine tailings. it was pitch dark. my spouse was in the passenger seat. he is not a ufo believer, but i am. i am constantly scanning the sky out here, and occasionally see things i wonder about. but, this was a blatant, "what is this?" moment. at about the time i spotted the thing and asked in my mind what it was, it moved forward. by moving, i do not mean that it did a bee-line in my direction. it disappeared and reappeared, moving from 5 miles away to approx 1.5 miles away. the top 1/2 of the "pencil" looked yellow. the bottom 1/2 was red. it was as if it was there, not there, then reappeared, only closer. at that point, i think my spouse noticed it. within an instant, it was not there, again, and then it appeared right in front of our car. it seemed approx 3 stories tall. it was about a car-width wide. from the vantage point of approx 50 feet in front of our car--and in the sky above us--it was as if we could see the bottom 1/2 of it, but not the top 1/2. why? because it was like it was leaning forward on an angle, so the entire thing could not be seen out the windshield. i drive a chevy trax. it has a big windshield for a small suv. when it flash/re-appeared in front of our car, my husband said, "whoa." in as quick as it appeared, it disappeared. i tried to look over my left shoulder but was blocked by my headrest. at that point, we were almost ready to turn north onto the ring road called desert bell. the car was rolling--i had slowed, but never completely stopped. so, for some reason, we turned the corner and kept on driving. i told my brother about it, the next day. in my recollection, i told him that the light reminded me of a neon light, as opposed to an incandescent light. what i mean by this is that the light seemed almost palpable, "alive." i grew up in a rural area north of detroit, in an area that was a hotbed of ufo activity. me and my family are big believers, and always looking for that next "opportunity." quite frankly, this experience was shocking. i was not afraid, nor did i feel threatened. but, i felt very curious. that night, i had trouble sleeping, as i replayed the incident. my spouse pointed out that there is a residential electrical line that is approx 35 feet above the roadway. there are actually 3 "parallel" wires. on each one is a light. after the incident, he admitted, "this happened to me, before." but, while he at first said "this was a ufo" (and he is a big non-believer), now he keeps insisting that the lights came from these 3 electrical lines strung over the road. i have seen transformers blow in ice storms, and do arcing. i do not believe some sort of lights on 3 parallel residential electrical lines (like phone lines) could arc and then form a 3-story tall "pencil" that was a solid line of light. we have driven past the area 3 separate times in the dark, hoping to replicate these lights. i have been vacationing in this town for 12 years and have never seen this phenomenon. i do not believe it was an optical illusion from this telephone line or electrical line that runs across the road.

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Credit: MUFON

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