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Monday, August 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Walnut, California on 2018-08-04 00:00:00 - Ufo sighting with bright orange red flames passing by

I was watering my lawn in front of my house going with my usual routine watering the flowers as well. it takes time to water each section of my lawn and i was waiting to water down a particular section of my lawn. and out of boredom i looked up at the sky. and at that moment, there it was a massive strange flying object was facing me. it was just sitting there stationary looking at me, it must have been 30 seconds or so. this truly shocked and scared me at first. i immediately called out to my son to come out to check it out, just to make sure that i'm not just seeing things. at first, i thought it must have been some helicopter since it did have this oval like shape that went with it. the thing that was strange was there was no sound at all and the lighting patterns were definitely not like a helicopter. what i saw were bursting flames emitting out of the aircraft, with 3 distinct thrusters, thrusting the aircraft away from us. the flames gave this aircraft this overall orange/red/yellow glow to it as it began to fly away. on it, i did notice there were some blue lights and red lights that pulsated around the craft. and in the dead center it was just gray/black with no distinct lights there. flames and lights surrounded the craft around all corners. those were the details i was able to recall, the edges were all fuzzy from the flames, so there were no sharp outlines that i can tell from observing it. the ufo did not stay stationary for long as it seemed to have noticed me and my house. it began to head north for a bit and headed back towards me again. then it began to head north once more, in a split second it jumped far into the distance at a very unnatural speed, what must have been easily 20 - 30 miles. from that point it started to hover upwards towards space, moving from left to right slowly. at this point my son and i have our phones pulled out to record it. we kept watching it until it eventually faded out, with no more distinct lights left to see. at the end of it all, i am happy to have encountered this flying aircraft and am now a believer in ufos. having lived for 60 years or so, this is my first time and i'm excited to hear more about what this might have been.

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Credit: MUFON

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