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Monday, August 6, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Walnut, California on 2018-08-04 00:00:00 - Odd ufo flying and shifting in unconventional patterns flying over sgv.

I just got back home late and as i arrived, my dad was out watering the lawn. he tells me to go outside quickly, telling me about this strange flying object that he's seeing. and when i looked up it was indeed a strange aircraft flying above us, heading away from us. when i first saw it, i immediately thought ufo because of its strange flight pattern and it was definitely not a conventional aircraft. being an enthusiast ever since i was a kid, i've seen many videos and this was one that i am now actually encountering in real life. my dad got the first view of the object and he told me he was able to see it up a lot closer. to the point it was the size of 4 basketballs from his perspective. we'll write up another report later documenting his view. from what i saw, it was already moving away from us with its thrusters facing us. in the distance, it looked to me like a spherical object with 3 distinct orange dots. there was some fuzziness to it because the thrusters were facing us and it looked like there were flames coming out of it. the orange lights of the craft pulsated slowly in a steady predictable pattern, the lighting of it would fade and come back. it wasn't too bright either, so it was not harsh on the eyes. the way it moved was strange because it will head away from us at first with a straight path heading north, then it will stop and shift from left to right without a predictable pattern. and from there, i began to see it hover upwards towards space. it started to get more distant as it gained more altitude. eventually, it did fade out and disappear. i suspect it could have activated its camouflage mode at that point or really did disappear far into space. the whole time as i'm seeing this and experiencing it, i am feeling shocked and in awe at the sight of it. i was really happy to have experienced this phenomenon firsthand knowing that many people who live their lives will not have encountered a single ufo or anything strange like that in the sky. after encountering it, i was only excited to share this with a few close friends of mine that may be interested as well. but, definitely this was quite a sight. according to my dad, he was able to really get a close encounter look at it, much more than me. stay tuned for more.

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Credit: MUFON

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