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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Lawrence, Kansas on 2018-08-13 04:30:00 - Very bright, white light flashing, triangular object moving extreme distances instantaneously

A group of us were watching the perseids meteor shower out in the country south of the city, away from the light pollution. after intently watching the cloudless sky for meteors for 6+ hours, i noticed the glowing object as it appeared in the distance, northeast of our location. as i pointed the object out to my friends, it blinked brightly and disappeared. it reappeared a couple seconds later in a much different part of the sky and continued to flash brightly, disappear and then reappear in a different location, and flash a bright white light. we were unable to make out the shape. this went on for a few minutes. it seemed like it was intentionally flashing at us. then the object appeared directly overhead, at a seemingly much lower altitude, moving at a very high rate of speed. we could see that it was triangular in shape, it left a wide, white light tracer behind it as it was moving above us, then flashed a very bright white light from it's bottom side and vanished, never to been seen for the rest of the night. at no point was any noise heard. the object's final flashing was at least 10x brighter than any meteors or aircraft seen that night/morning.

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Credit: MUFON

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