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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Daphne, Alabama on 1989-06-01 00:00:00 - An event that has haunted me since the late 80's unexplained missing time and light show

I have thought of this event often through the years and still have no reasonable explanation. certain images and when i think about the things i can remember it makes me feel very anxious. i can still see so many bits and pieces of it so clearly in my mind. in the summer of 1988 i was living in daphne, al just across the bay from mobile. there used to be a large standalone department store just off the causeway called gayfers. behind gayfers there were woods and what we called the "dam". it wasn't really a dam but some type of water management drainage system. it was warm out so it was a summer month i can't recall the exact month. a friend from then and i were at the "dam" and hanging out. i remember looking up at the sky at one point and i commented on how the sky looked and it the air was very still. the sky was very clear and a circular ring of clouds begin to form in the sky. think of a doughnut and only being able to see through the hole. that's how the sky looked but the center or "hole" was clear and you could see the moon which shone brightly. we were both commenting on how weird this looked when we noticed above the treeline to the east, (i think) we saw a large light moving in the sky. we both started watching it because it didn't move like it should. it would move from left to right, up and down and then stop and remain stationary. the light was an orangeish color and did not appear close. at one point the light stopped moving and multiple smaller lights looked as if they were coming out of the orange light. these lights were not as big and seemed to move in a much more rapid fashion and "danced" around the sky. at time it looked as though the lights were disappearing or entering the larger light and more lights would drop out of orange light. i remember wanting to get a better look at what was happening and we started waling in the direction of the lights through the woods. after a few minutes we exited the woods into a clearing that was behind gayfers. i still remember looking at the lights and feeling drawn or pulled to them. as i looked at the lights i scanned to my left and i saw multiple cars and people with telescopes and binoculars in a side parking which would have been on the left side of the building of you were facing it. i remember them having sunglasses on because i made a comment to my friend about it. it was then that we noticed the lights had moved to more of a directly behind position relative to the store. some of the lights looked like they were getting closer. there was a field between the treeline and the back service road that ran behind the store. i was in the field facing the treeline looking at the lights when one of the lights i began to focus on more than the others for some reason. i am not sure why but as i continued to watch it i felt a strong pull to the light and it looked like it was coming in and going out, coming in and going out - i dont mean like it was strobing or flashing but in distance. the longer i looked at the light the closer it looked as if it were coming in each time. i recall being able to make details out each time and it was: 1. a pyramid shaped object 2. as the shape move further away and closer it spun around slowly like a top would counter clockwise. 3. i remember a white, blue and red light but it is not clear at which points on the pyramid they were on 4. the outter edges of each side looked as if they glowed brighter than the body 5. all i can remember is the outter skin appeared gold in color 6. i could not make out any windows but the things that stand out clearly in my mind was that the sides looked as if it was gilded metal and the gilded part shown more brightly and was more luminescent that the rest of the outter skin except for the edges they glowed the same. it was very intricate with lots of scroll-work - i am not sure how to describe it i can see it so clearly in my mind. as i watched this object rotate around and come in and out i felt a strong urge to go towards the object. i clearly remember watching this object and then it looked like everything i was seeing turned to the photo negative of film. i remember it looking like the ground dropped away and i kept feeling this strong pull toward the object. what seemed to me to be minutes of watching this object was actually hours. its so crazy i can clearly remember the details and feelings as i watched the object. also, i remember a strong feeling of contentment and euphoria when i looked at the object. i go right from seeing and feeling this to kinda waking up as i am walking out of the treeline into the field. it was grey out so it was early morning hours. there was a white pick up truck parked behind the store and my friend was back by it. i remember him freaking out and asking where i had been that i said, "i needed to get to the light" and walked off into the woods. i don't remember that at all but what he said was exactly how i felt like it was pulling me. the next thing he said was "omg dude look at your eyes". i looked in the side mirror and my eyes were yellow and bulging out of my eye sockets and i had dry crack marks around the corners of my mouth. he and i both agreed that we saw lights and smaller lights, crazy cloud cover in the sky - i did not tell him about the things i saw - i wasnt really sure what happened and it dream like at times and others i felt wide awake. i saw this guy a few years later and he basically denied it ever happened. i know i am not crazy and i certainly cant explain what happened from 10 or 11 pm to early dawn - all i can remember is that spinning object coming in and out which again seemed like minutes but was hours. have you heard of similar accounts or situations or with people observing this object before?

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Credit: MUFON

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