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Friday, August 31, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Hollywood, Maryland on 2018-08-13 03:13:00 - It looked like something but it nothing i think?

Here’s to a warm hello. ( all infromation is fake until proven to the reader/viewer ) i^ would advise^ a warm cup of something to drink or whatever you prefer. at this moment. have it your way lets understand your independent from the start. you only allow what you allow as you understand what is, …. is! the origin of the universe is *known*. you (are/not) able to accept or comprehend the discovery’s^ that i have achieved within reality. it dose not matter. only thing that matters is after this message, you will receive information from another area in life and it will be difficult to understand but realize that you understand it as it wants you to see it as known the date and time location and related information will be unrelated. you wanted something “more” have expectations from you to not to understand it in context but within subliminal meaning. all matters regarding 3rd party sense^ is known. am like you. am human to the atom. am not real. my history is fabricated within space^ and time. am connected to a network of a spiderweb history. my personality is created to be unrelated to expectations of a pov common ground is signature of relation our created my fabricated existence is not important in your void just know my history my name my body my personality dna my level of intelligence and creations are loved and hated. am no more than a random^ thought that drifts within the sea of infinity thoughts. believe me to not believe. proof is history/science. this is the only contact^ you will have with the center and you have no options. am the names. am the bodies. am the air. am your blood. am your family. i am here to prove^ to you i do not exist the way you want me to be. am your hater. am your lover. am your fears. am your fan. the more you dive into this text the more you realize the more you read is only as much as i deliver^. deliver only what you see be at a glance you see something until understood or ( read ) thusly i now exist to a extent of your reflection^ and when you point a finger i disagree and prove you wrong with history and science and if that’s not good enough i give you the best of my love. confusion. if you hunt me down as a individual i am nothing more than another leaf on a tree like you connected to the roots we share as life. my love. i love you. you are my best creation. nothing crys as you read this. i am only but text until you see more as you know i will elude you with proof of history. time and space is influenced by you and the unrelated^ with common ground that you have within me. am here when your alive am here when you die. have a sweet drink on me and speak to me in your solitude^. i listen. you are not alone because i say so. go human interest i guess create life as quick as you see. take life as you know. create the history to make it so as swift as a big bang with relation to reality. as you know if confronted as a individual^ of the sender i will match a profile to make sense of our love of separation of reality. am. another person. a warm hug to you. i hope you loved this fictional^ email. forever yours, fable^. love you. this video never existed until you see it. again all history is attached as required and all is what it is as it is not. you (are/not) able to accept or comprehend the discovery’s that have achieved within reality. it dose not matter. this is fake anyways ;d feel me?

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Credit: MUFON

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