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Monday, August 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Warrington, England on 2018-07-15 06:30:00 - Hoverd for 20 mins changed shape then released a "orb" witch circled it for 3 mins

I was sat in my back garden of sunday 15th july 2018 at around 5.30 in the evening.Was looking up at a blue sky as they weren't chem sprying that day.Noticed a aircraft that was staying still.Was intrigued by the fact it was not moveing.The craft was south east of me at about 75 degrees .I cotinued to watch this craft for 15 mins until a second craft joined it.Its gonna sound like i am mad but they seemed too jion into one craft.I called my wife who also witnessed it and we both watched as these 2 craft went from one too two crafts. then after about 10 mins the two crafts became one then a what i can only describe as a light came out of the craft and started circling it first clockwise then anti clock wise for about 30 seconds then all craft dissapired.One week later on sunday 22nd of july i again witnessed the craft again in more or less the same area at ruffly about the same time,i tried too recored it but my camcorder could not find it when i zoomed in.I have stills of it but i can not make out what it is .Again i called my wife out and also rang up my brother as it was above his house at this time.He and his wife and children all seen the said craft hovering for 20 mins.Then it dissapired.Then on saturday the 28th of july i witnessed yet again the same craft except this time it was comeing from the north west traveling along south east line at about 5.30 in the evening .It remind very high and was joined by a second craft not long after .They both went in different directions one south east the other south.But then again today monday 6th august i spotted the same craft again at about 4.30 gmt comeing from north to south at about 90 degrees moving very fast then suddenly stopping for at least 5 minuites. i think i've also seen the same craft at night but am not too sure.What ever it was it was deffernetlly not a aeroplane or a weather ballon or a helicopter or swamp gas.I feel like there watching me watching them.Not been sleeping too good since and been having the strangest dreams.Somehow i feel like iam been given a idea..I am a joiner by tread but all these ideas are about electric and how it works and how the universe is full off free power. think am going mad..Hope not

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Credit: MUFON

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