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Saturday, August 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Toledo, Ohio on 2018-08-08 01:21:00 - Wierd behaving roundish light in the sky. warping shape. strobing super bright white then dim red/orange.

It was about 1:21 a.M. and i was at home with my dog and two cats. i got a weird urge to go outside and just look around in general not necessarily at the sky and so i opted to offer my dog to go outside as well and of course she accepted. i brought my phone with me as i always do in case of emergency but before i stepped out the door i selected the camera mode because i just felt like it was a good idea which i thought was kind of weird. i had seen something in the sky quite a while ago maybe several months before and i was shocked when i walked out the front door and i saw a very similar object to what i had seen before only this time it seems really close and it was right in the center of my field of view as if it was waiting for me!? i was mesmerized by what i saw because somehow i just felt like it was not something normal... i wasn't scared at all i was actually a little excited! i took a couple of pictures and then i zoomed in and took a couple of more pictures. as i was taking pictures i noticed that it was changing from bright white to a reddish orange. for whatever stupid reason i felt like i wanted to talk to it so i did. i said hello there... i'm so glad you came. i said i can't take a very good picture because i only have my phone. i took a few more pictures and tried to catch pictures when it was different colors and shapes because it was definitely doing something! it did not move up or down or side-to-side it just hung in the sky. while it was their it definitely looked as though it was changing shape as well as color from white to reddish orange but i couldn't tell exactly what shapes because it was so far away. i could tell it was not as far away as a star... but it was farther away then helicopter would be. i stood out there for about 10 minutes i only took a few pictures because there wasn't a whole lot to see because it seem to be just flashing between reddish orange and white and kind of working or strobing. since it stayed in the same spot i thought well maybe it's nothing unusual and maybe it's just me so i called the dog and i went inside while the light was still in the sky. after i got inside i immediately pulled up the pictures and zoomed in and was shocked when i saw the shape that the light made coming off of whatever it was. it looked very bright and spiky with an intense whiteness and then it would dim considerably and look more orangish red. then it would get very bright again. in my pictures it was white and spiky at first and then it took on what at first seemed to me to be a heart shape but closer to a v shape. this is going by the pictures that i took. so i expanded the pictures as much as i could and then did a screenshot so that i could expand the screenshot picture in search of any further detail. i don't know if it was just an oddity of the photo but it looked like something was sticking out of the lower right side of the v shape? i had to chuckle to myself because when i said hello and took that picture the thing sticking out the bottom right actually impressed me as being the hand of someone sticking their arm out of the window and waving hahaha! i'm not sure what it is. it could even just be a shadow of light or something? i looked out to see if it was still in the sky after i had looked at my pictures and it was. i just close the door back and felt like i had had a friendly visit of some sort. i got ready for bed and turn all the lights off in the house and checked all the windows and doors and went upstairs and climbed in my bed. i kept thinking about it for a long while like maybe an hour and a half... and feeling like it was aware of me climbing into bed weirdly!? but i had this feeling that whatever it was did not plan to harm me in any way? i don't know why i felt that way i just did and i fell asleep and slept well all night. during the filing of this report i thought i would take a peek outside on the slim chance that i would see the ufo again now that it was two days later... i had not seen it yesterday which is the day after i saw it the first time. but today two days later... lo and behold i open the door and it's there again! this time it's a little bit to the left of where i remember seeing it before and it didn't seem quite as close? the first time i saw it 2 days ago it was almost directly south of my front door which faces south and it seemed considerably closer. now that it's been 2 days later it looks further away and a little to the left? like south southeast? tonight well filling out this report i took more video and more pictures with my phone but i'm so frustrated that i don't have a better camera or better zoom. tonight when i saw it it was between 12 midnight and 12:10 a.M. .

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Credit: MUFON

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