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Friday, August 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Aledo, Texas on 2018-07-05 22:21:00 - Trail camera catches anomalous lights

I do not know exactly what to think of this. in march 23, 2018 @21:30 (9:30pm) of this year,[case # ] i observed a hovering series of lights that would be in this general direction (ne) over my pasture. now, four months later, my trail camera picks up what could be the same lights. i am attaching a series of trail cam photos from june 28th through july 6, 2018 of the exact same area. no lights were photographed any night until july 5, 2018 @ 21:22:19 through 21.22:38, 19-20 seconds. the camera was set off by a deer. the land elevation where the camera is set up is over 40' above the direction it is pointing, on the other side of the tree line is bottom land pasture. this position is one of the highest points in eastern parker county. fort worth is less than 4 miles away in that direction and the camera caught no city lights because the elevation is so high. if these anomalous lights are on this side of the tree line, they are approximately 200' away and approximately 30-35' in height. if they are on the other side of the tree line, it would be difficult to estimate the distance, but the height of the lights would be a minimum of 100' high to a maximum of 500', assuming the lights are less than a mile away.. each separate photo (setting was on 3-burst) shows a very slight difference in the lights, whether that translates to movement i cannot say for sure. the series seven trail cam photos are from june 28; july 2; july 4; july 5 (3 photos-lights); and, july 6 (daylight photo to give perspective)

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Credit: MUFON

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