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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Griswold, Connecticut on 2003-01-31 00:00:00 - Three stationary lights in a slight diagonal row. lights began to blink on and off in sequence, then began to head in my direction, silently.

It was an overcast night, with a light rain. it was an unusually warm february night. i was traveling home by myself after visiting some friends. this happened back in 2003, so i don't remember the exact time, but i do know it was after 10pm and before midnight. i was traveling down rixtown rd in griswold, ct when i came around a bend into a sort of clearing that over looks the tilcon quarry to my left (east) and noticed out of the corner of my eye 3 bright lights. they were not moving, and were kind of at an angel (maybe 25-30 degrees). i see these lights sitting in the sky not moving and i thought it was very odd because there are no airports in the area, its very rural out in in this area. i turn off my radio, stop my car and shut off the engine (i left my headlights on). i rolled down my window to get a better look and listen for any sound. there was no sound at all. i knew it must have been pretty low because as i said before, it was overcast. the ceiling was at least 500 ft. after watching the lights for about a minute, i began to feel uneasy because here i was, in the middle of nowhere alone, watching these silent, motionless lights that were not very far from me (one half mile at most). then the sinking feeling of being watched set it. that's when the lights began to blink on and off in sequence. the left light went out and then came back on at the exact moment the right light went out. as the right light came back on, the center light went out. the lights now looked like a pair of bright car headlights in the sky. they then leveled themselves out from the slight angel they were at to horizontal and then began moving towards me, slowly and silently. it was difficult to determine the speed, but i would have to guess anywhere from 25 to 35 mph. panic overcame me, and i turned on my car and speed out of there. the road is very twisty and lots of trees, so i was having a difficult time keeping sight of it, but i felt as though it was coming for me. i could periodically see it through the trees, and it looked as though it was trying to cut me off due to the direction it was traveling. i was very scared. i was speeding down this narrow, twisty road, praying for another car to appear, just so i wouldn't feel so isolated. i finally made it to the intersection of route 201 and made a quick right hand turn. by this time i had lost all sight of it. i'm not sure if it changed direction or what. route 201 is a little more of a busy road than rixtown rd, so i was relieved when i began passing cars that were headed in the direction i had come from. i really hope that one of the other drivers saw something as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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