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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 1995-03-21 19:30:00 - Three of us went to hike horsetooth rock. it was dark and the whole city of ft.Colloins blacked out below. the electricy came back on when we could feel presence of several beings. we were told a message then watched ufo takeoff

So this encounter started when i was on trip to tuscan arizona and hanging out with a couple friends. i suddenly had something seem to grab me by my life force i said out loud, my spirit is calling me, i have to go to ft. collins, i need to go to ft. collins. i got hung up back in denver under the influence of opiates and all inspiration was gone to go to ft. collins. i finally defeated my addiction and my friend invited me to visit our friend in ft. collins. so it turns out two of my friends were also inspired to move there about the same time i was. we were roomates and all three of us were libras. jason and i are the same age just three days apart. one evening when we were both alone he told me about an experience when he was 7 years old and lived in ft. collins we watched a star come down and land in his yard. he always had a strange knowing from that day that one day the world might blow but he would be safe. i flashed to a memory of a child when i fell asleep outside and my pillow was missing in the morning. i found it on top of my mothers car on other side of this trailer in the mountains of durango. anyhow, we all three hiked up to horsetooth rock. when it became dark out we watched the whole city of ft. collins blacked out for like five minutes. soon after this i saw two flashlights heading towards us on trail. i decided to step down below trail in case it were rangers and the other two stayed on the trail. once there i picked up some sense that the people with flashlights heading towards up were feeling danger ahead and they ought to leave. about that time i could feel something watching me from right behind me. it kind of scared me so i walked over to the guys and it was like we could all sense the presence of many beings. we were frightened and just wanted to get away from them. we tried to keep moving but you could feel them around us. i was so scared, ive never been that scared. at one point my friend fell behind and when i called for him he sounded really tired. he then cam e out and said he thought he might understand what was happening. he gave me a specific message that was not his information. then we watched the craft take off the side of the mountain where we were just at. it was red orb of energy and was completely silent. it took off ascended for a bit then hovered and changed color from green to blue then back to red. the ascended again. all three of us were made to look down to the ground and then when we looked up it was gone

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Credit: MUFON

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