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Sunday, August 5, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2015-05-01 12:00:00 - Glowing/flickering orange orb, seemingly inteligent

Late spring of 2015, charlotte nc. mid day. 25 y/o (at the time of sighting), male i am of sound mind unfortunatly, neither me or the second witness had our cwll phones with us. i was in my fenced backyard in a fairly urban area, however the house was nearly 100 years old and was built on an unusually large plot (we think the land owner orignally owned a large area of that neighborhood and sold off plots of land) the yard has large oak trees and a lot of foliage and is feels fairly secluded despite its urban surroundings. almost like a small private forest. before i begin this post, i will mention that i had a neighbor come outside and witness this sighting in full effect (thank god). so i can confrim that i was not just “seeing things”. i walked out of my back door into my backyard for no particular reason. in fact, thinking back on the occasion, it seems as if the object was calling me to come outside. i have dogs and typically when i am going out into the backyard, would be letting the dogs outside, this was not the case. i literally just stood up, walked to the back door, and went outside. i had no reason to go outside and no tasks on mind. i am shivering just writing this post, i have never written about this sighting before. as i walked outside, i immedietly noticed a small (roughly the soze of a large grapefruit, slightly larger but not quite the size of a volleyball) flickering, semi-transparent “orb” with half of the sohere above ground, and the remaining half seemingly below ground. it was no further than 8-10 feet away from me, directly in front of me. it was mid-day on a bright sunny day with no clouds in the sky, yet the orb was so bright that i could completely see it. it was bright orange and flickering as if it was fueled by a flame internally, brighlty flickering. it was the irnage color of a bright flame, or the sun if you were to quickly glance at it. again it was not solid, and seemed to flicker, but bright enough that you could not see through it completely. it was brighter in the center and dimmed closer to the outer edge of the sphere/orb withq cleaen clear edgeline in a perfect circle/globe shape. i immedietly froze and my gaze locked in on this creature, i simply could not take my eyes off of it. it was the most beautoful thing i have ever seen in my enitre life. i had a feeling that it wanted me to see it, it knew i was looking at it. i did not move a muscle for maybe 60-120 seconds. i was completely frozen by its beauty and by my shock in what i was seeing. i had just walked home about 10 minutes prior from my neighbors house directly next door, we had been sitting on his front porch and i was fairly certain he was still sitting out there as he had been when i left. i quietly called “steve! steven look over here”. his front yard had a view of my backyard theough an old post and chicken wire fence. i wanted to ensure somebody beaides myself saw what i was seeing. he yelled back “what!?”. i was afaraid to scare off or frighten the orb so i refrained from yelling and was saying as quietly a spossible (he was about 20 feet away from me) “just look over here, please come look right now” this is when i began to slowly walk towards the orb as i wanted to get closer to the orb, i wanted to understand what i was experiencing. i heard steven saying “whats wrong, whats going on??” as he was walking down from his porch and down around the side of his house” but did not answer and was again fully focused on the creature/orb. as i slowly approached the object, it move directly uowards at the same pce i was approxahing at, very slowly. at this point the orb was roughly 1-2 feet off of the ground. i stopped moving towards it, and it would stop moving upward and float motionless above the ground, very still. there was absolutely no noise at all, none. i took another step or two and the orb slowly rose to about 8-10 feet off of the ground, about the height of the first oak branches and began slowly moving to my right (to the orbs left). i am absolutely certain by its movement that it was aware of me, and its movements were being made based off of my actions and movements. it was in control of its flight, the slight wind had no effect on its decisions, it was in complete control. i was not scared and the orb seemed more cautious of me than i of it. at this point i heard steven yell quietly “holy s*it! what is that!!” he was looking over at my interaction with the orb. i answered “i have no idea, are you seeing this?? please tell me you are seeing this?” (i wasnt sure if i had just lost my mind or what exaclty i was witnessing). he was seeing it and was in complete awe and obviously just as amazed and confused as i was. as i continued toward the orb i was able to position myself right underneath of it, just a few feet above my head and slowly moving along the treeline/fenceline towards the front of my house, keeping its distance from me by atleast 5-10 feet. i could not take my gaze off of the orb and almost tripped a few times. as i could tell that my movements were influencing its departure, again i stopped, but the orb kept moving along the fenceline towards the front yard. the orb then began to slowly climb in height after it cleared the treeline and had some vertical soce to move. it seemed to be rising verly slowly, just a foot or two every 10-20 seconds. it continued directly upwards for about 60-120 seconds and ofcourse was getting smaller as it moved away (perception). there were no clouds in the sky but there were few commercial planes flying at full traveling height very high in the sky. all of the sudden, without any kind of quick acceleration, the orb seemed to be extremely far away, it was very oerceptually confusing as it was not moving fast, but seemingly got extremely far away very wuickly. it was no extremely high, almost as if it were as high as the aircraft, possibly even higher. again there was no noise at all. within seconds it was no longer visible. it has vanished from my view completely. i felt as if i ruined something, like i ruined a potential interaction by calling for my friend to witness. i had a strange feeling like i was supposed to handle the interaction differently, and something internally told me i would never get another chance to meet this being. steven and i met in the front yard and spoke in detail to eachother about what we just witnessed. we confirmed that we both saw the orb and were able to describe it to eachother exactly as the other had seen. he came into the backyard so i could show him the jnital movement prior to his arrival. we checked the ground where it had seemingly “spawned from”, nothing. no hole, no markings, no disturbance to the grass/dirt, not a trace. to this day, i have never seen anything like this again. i had gone out into the yard dozens of times afterward in search of ny extraterrestrial friend, but they were gone, never to be seen again. i an certain that i will never be sure exactly what i saw, but it was amazing. i wish i could go back to that moment and see it again. it was a soecial being and i felt compelled by it. it is very hard to explain. at times i find myself thinking about the orb. i can inly hope to see ine again as i know it was very special. i wam extremely thankful that i was able to witness this creature. things i am sure of: - i know that it was real, as i had a witness - i am not crazy - i know that the orb was aware if me, and moved accordingly - i was not afraid of the irb, but it seemed cautious of me, even scared. - the orb was of unearhtly origin and of technology beyond human comprehension (fast altitude change with zero noise signature) best wishes, ethan g

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Credit: MUFON

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