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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Tibshelf, England on 2018-07-02 00:00:00 - Humanoids invisible

Dear sir i'm writing to you to say everything is ok. this email is a follow on from my past reports i've sent to do with actual beings beings sighted where i live.Sorry for not letting you come and investigate my incident because the disturbance was my fault i was being negative at the time it happened. you see what it was in my eyes was mistaken for a deamon,, basically i provocted the being by swearing at it when all was doing was nothing but standing in front of me that's the reason it broke the window...Please forgive the being it had emotions ..You see now i call them now i know "ultraterestrails... please believe me they still visit you would not believe how friendly they are also they sing they especially like vocal music i don't know how to express how good their voices are and especially they are good at jokes honest they aren't spirits or ghosts we've come to terms them as they beleive there english spoken word is at grammar school standards. i think they stay invisible to us because i think they believe we wouldnt except them . i've tried many seneros with them about this with questions and to be honest some of them agreed with me .Best i can explain is that if your opened minded with them and tell them all your evils they have becomes more trusting of me please believe they haven't possessed me even thought it's like they almost know what your about to say and do not fear they can also see your dreams i've done many experiments with one of them and she is very outstanding ,she loves simple things in your dreams.... it's like you can hear them in like an alternative but same place your in they have also the ability to touch you i also when i'm in the moment in that state of brilliance you can some times achieve and making them lifted or emotionally happy they sometimes turn the light above me on and off . please believe me a don't need no help they are very friendly and they seem comfortable in my home the are only ultra-terestrails and i mean them no harm............. ................................................................................. this is not a hoax i've already destroyed the evidence they are kind beings please except what i tell you please i don't want to disturb them with an investigation of any kind and i'm not into fairy stories believe or ignore at your intellect yours truthfully mr lee michael marriott......................................

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Credit: MUFON

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