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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lombard, Illinois on 2017-08-21 21:30:00 - Egg shaped ball of firey light seen twice in one week, police searched after first sighting

I was standing in my driveway smoking a cigarette and gazing at the stars. being in the chicagoland area we don't get many nights when the sky is clear and there isn't a lot of light pollution. being able to spot the dippers or orion is a rarity. i mention this only because i want to illustrate that the sky was extraordinarily clear, as this was also during a new moon (when the moon is not visible in the sky). i was looking toward the north, trying to identify the north star, when i saw the beautiful glow of fire travelling overhead heading south from above my garage. it had an egg-like shape to it. at first it moved quite slowly toward me before it stopped overhead and hovered. as it hovered i noticed that it appeared to be rotating on an uneven axis, as though it had a wobble, and the coloring shifted from yellow to orange to red to yellow, etc. i watched it in awe, because the overall color and glow looked just like fire and the glow would intensify and darken repeatedly. after about two minutes of hovering over me it very quickly shot off to the south and disappeared. i cannot accurately say how big this object was, or how high in the sky it was, as there wasn't any cloud coverage or other aerial vehicles for perspective. from my perspective it was about 30x larger than any star, however only 1/16th the size of the moon. it was large enough and close enough to make out the shape and the rotation. throughout this entire sighting there wasn't any sound from the object. in fact there wasn't any sound at all. we have a lot of crickets near our house, and they were completely silent until after the object left my field of view. incidentally, about three or four nights before this my husband was outside around the same time at night, also smoking and stargazing, when he experienced an identical event, only the object was travelling from west to east and did not hover above him. interestingly, just after the object left his field of view he saw and heard two drones fly overhead, as local police drove down our street shining their spotlights around the tops of the houses. so in a few days time two different people saw nearly the same object in our vicinity. sadly neither of us have seen anything since, although i remain hopeful that i will.

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Credit: MUFON

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