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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Eureka, California on 2018-08-11 02:35:00 - Two lights moving along sky left to right ne to e with variation in flight path and with variation in distance from one another

I happened to be looking ne since the sky was very clear and there were stars and clusters of stars. two red colored lights came into view which were moving ne to e at an angle of about 40 degrees from horizon. they were rapid movers and seemed a large distance away...Like red stars. the light from them was constant and unwavering, not blinking, constant intensity and luminosity. the objects moved along together one above the other by a fairly decent angle difference of ~ 15 degrees at its greatest. the distance between them started out greater than the distance between them as they travelled out of my field of view. the top light did something that really got my attention. my attention was already quite enhanced by just seeing two moving red lights like that. anyway, the top light dipped downward a degree or two, in a rather acute arc and then moved back up upward a degree or so to continue movement. the objects were moving rapidly across the sky field...Much faster than a plane could at that seeming large distance. like i say, they seemed to be very far away...Miles. there were no beams pointing to them. the lights were emanating the light not reflecting light from the ground. no clouds were present and the sky was marvelously clear. the objects travelled rapidly to my right out of view behind the house. i went to the front of the house after about 30 seconds to see if these objects were still hanging around in the sky. i must say, i hesitated, as i perceived that these objects had volitional aspects. they were not visible in the front of the house and had gone, consistent with the large rate of speed. they moved ne to e an angle of what i'd say is about 7 degrees of arc through which i saw them in the sky...They moved that distance of arc in several seconds. i don't think they were eye spots from my eyes or from my brain. especially since the movements were irregular and together. by the way, the objects were fairly separate though together and since i don't know how far away they were i can't speculate. they seemed to come out of the sky so to speak and in my mind's eye seemed to be in outer space or the upper atmosphere. if of non human origin i'd speculate they were drones or very close space ships of some type. thanks for reading this and this is my sighting. i may have left out descriptions, but to me, they were moving small red lights, moving across the sky in a varying way together mostly if that helps describe it. initially the objects seemed further away from each other, as if they were coming together as they were moving across the sky ne to e. the story is strange since what are the chances of seeing such a bizarre thing unless its happening more than we know. around here the sky is overcast a lot and the town lights obscure the sky. these things, if intelligently made, may have been drones or if they were far enough may have been, and don't laugh, two space ships visible in the sky for some reason. i looked at my watch after seeing this and it said 235 (am).

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Credit: MUFON

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