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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Salt Springs, Florida on 2017-12-02 00:00:00 - Object was found in photos after downloading at home

it was december 2, 2017 and i was in ocala nf to do some photography of the full moon and get out to enjoy some fresh air and camping. i started shooting as soon as the moon rose up from the horizon to the east. i always shoot 2 shots of every selected angle so as to ensure one turned out clear. the photos that i am sending you took place at 2 distinctive different times and locations within the national forest and in my viewing area on the same evening. this aerial phenomena is not unusual in this forest at night as i have witnessed many such events while camping at this specific location of the national forest. (hopkins prairie). the time i took the photos of the first object was around 7:00-8:00 pm est. when i went home and downloaded the pics, i immediately saw the unusual anomaly in the photo. my first thought was to zoom in with my photo program and see if i could decipher what it was in the picture. my next natural thought was something flew by the camera view when the shutter went off. as i zoomed in i could see a definite silver flat shape, albeit blurry. the pic came out pretty clear but the object is a blurr. i tried several other things to clarify what i was looking at but the same thing kept coming up. side bar note: commercial and military aircraft do fly over the ocala nf, but normally they are so high-flying they are just small tiny, normally quiet, (not the military ones), specks in the sky. then when i was trying to come to terms with what i caught, i noticed that the object was clearly moving parallel to the clouds just behind it and it definitely seemed like it was a distance from me over the eastern part of the nf or the lake george location. an insect or bird flying by my lens at that distance would never have shown up on my shot. i have been practicing photography for years and years now, video and photo, and have a good eye for photo observation. the second incident happened 180 degrees over the area from where the first pic was taken. now this is the unusual thing i have seen on several occasions in the same spot in hp. after dark, over a cropping of trees to the west begins this aerial light show that is as odd as it gets. an orange glowing ball of light that first gives you the impression that you are viewing mars or some really bright star. then it starts to move around. no not back and forth mundane movements, i mean some crazy maneuvers like circles in the sky, darting up and down behind the trees disappearing then returning. this night i decided i was going to be prepared for the light show after dark and set my camera manually to "long exposure" setting for night shots. what i shot was crazy, i finally caught the dang thing doing what it does on 2 different pics. after the shots it took off up to the sky, blended into the starlight, then disappeared for good. here's what i know about the ocala. this is not unusual for local folks. i have talked to several locals after the incident and they acted as if i was in the stone age about the activity going on in the forest. secondly, the navy owns a big chunk of the center from as far back as wwii to practice bombing targets, etc. now i believe they still use it, but utilize laser bombing systems to refrain from using explosive ordinances any longer in such a smaller and more populated area. last, information about myself. i am a researcher in the field of sasquatch and have had incredible fortune in my work and i presently am building a documentary on this subject. i have researched all over north america. i have spent up to 21 days in the outback of very remote forests for my work. i have seen aerial displays like i have described in ocala all over the country and canada. normally i am just too focused on what i have to do with the other phenomenon i am chasing...Lol. but if i started taking and documenting my visual activity in the remote forest, i would fill your site up in 24 hours. especially what i have seen in colorado, utah, oregon, and washington alone. i will not be a stranger any longer, when i capture something, i will send it to you guys for analysis. take care and god bless guys !

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Credit: MUFON

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