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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Laredo, Texas on 2018-01-03 00:00:00 - 2 ufos and a large tr 3b above my street

One night as i was throwing out the trash, i was looking up at the sky and saw a light far away. at first i thought it was an airplane moving straight until suddenly it completely turned the other way around. that perked my curiosity and decided to inspect it. turns out it was moving around in the sky quite faster than any moving plane. also this light was much far farther from where i was. i told my brother to come and decide what it was. however he simply said it could be a drone but i doubted since it was very high up in the sky and moved fast. minutes later another light appeared however much closer. again it was moving was the same as the other one except this one was following the other. at this point i begged my parents to come and witness this but my dad was showering while my mom didnt want to get up (she was in bed). meanwhile i told my brother to pick his phone so he can record and once i was waiting another object literally appeared coming out behind from the house across mine. this time it was incredibly more shocking than the other two as this one was just super close to me and i could see its detail. this was triangular, black, with bright white lights that would pulsate separately on the corners. my mind tried finding any logic behind this craft i questioned myself "is it an airplane? no. is it a helicopter? no..Then what is it??? it looked nothing to any plane ive seen in my life. also there was a light in the middle of the craft and as it came closer to me, the bigger it started to get. it was so mesmerizing i almost thought i was paralyzed. also because of the light becoming bigger i could see slits on the sides of the ufo. like i said it was so black but the lights on it revealed that it was actually also shiny, almost like a reflecting mirror. while the light was growing, i snapped out of my shock and ran inside, wondering why my brother was taking so long to get his phone. my dad was barely changing clothes and i ran outside again to see if it was still there. the ufo hovered really fast, faster than a normal airplane or even a car. if i had to guess how big it was on ground level, id say bigger than an airplane. and it headed towards the other lights i mentioned. then it turned around and headed to the west, fading away quickly. the ufo made a semi humming sound and/or mimicked a plane sound, i cant remember. it was silent at first though (when slowly getting closer to me) sadly my brother got out once the ufo was just a small light. few days later, when i was in the kitchen, i saw that my left arm under my hand had a weird pink but perfectly shaped oval spot. it hurt when i scratched and again, i did not have this thing before. throughout months it healed but it would have a 3-dot mark. months later, that injury fully healed and im in normal state. and i thought 2018 wouldnt get weird.

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Credit: MUFON

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