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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Godfrey, Illinois on 2018-08-12 02:10:00 - It was a cigar-shaped craft with two dim lights on either end. appeared to be as large as a cruise ship

I was watching the meteor shower with seven other friends around 2:00 a.M. with seven friends. after seeing several meteors, one friend pointed toward the northern sky and showed everyone what appeared to be two stars moving in synchronicity. they stayed the same distance, and we then noticed they were connected by something, which appeared to be transparent, but made the sky look different. it seemed to be a cigar-shaped craft about as large as a cruise ship around the same height as a private airplane. it was heading southeast from the north. it turned slightly toward the treeline, dimmed its lights and hovered. before we saw the craft, there was the sound of coyotes from approximately three different locations west, south and northwest of us. they increased in volume until we sighted the craft. at that point, every sound from the nearby forest ceased. at that point, i stood from a sitting position and requested everyone leave and head toward my father's home, which was approximately 300-500 yards from where we were sitting. everyone resisted, saying they wanted too see where it was going. five of the eight of us heard a sound sort of like a mechanical trumpet, or as one witness described "an auto-tuned semi truck horn." it was coming from the east southeast and echoed from the vicinity of beltrese road. right around then, my cousin and i had an overwhelming feeling of calm and restraint, which felt unnatural. she reported feeling dizzy and i felt absolute panic and a heaviness associated with the silence of the woodland creatures. another witness reported feeling unbridled rage followed by silent crying. a fourth witness said she had a feeling of missing time, and a fifth said he felt followed as he left the property until he reached the nearby town of alton, illinois, which is approximately 10 minutes away. all eight witnesses saw the craft. six reported noticing the animal silence. five heard the sounds. four were emotionally affected. two, including myself, felt contacted telepathically.

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Credit: MUFON

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