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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Darien Center, New York on 2018-08-04 03:30:00 - My family and i have been seeing a weird light in the sky for a few years now. just recently i started seeing a different craft that is closer and much more scary.

I'm not entirely sure where to begin, but i want to say since around 2015' my family (mom, dad, sister, & friends) as well as myself have noticed this extremely bright light. we have a large golf course behind our house and i'd say from our porch to the tree line(about where we believe it is) is at least a few miles and i remember the first day we noticed it was earth day of that year. it will appear out of nowhere most times and it hovers until it either quickly moves from side to side or up before disappearing... it used to generally be in one area above the tree line but over this past year we've noticed it being higher up or in a different area higher up. one specific occurrence i remember was when i was at my friend's house across the way and my mom had called me (due to us seeing this thing so often we pretty much had the time of night it would show up and so forth) and told me that the "light" was above the house i was at, so i ran outside with my friend and looked at it, and as quickly as as we seen it, it had flown from where i was to it's "normal spot" i'd have to say within seconds. we were in such disbelief that we got into my friends car and drove across to my parents. as we were pulling into the driveway a meteor shot over the car, so close that we could see the sparks in the tail of it. so now that i was panicking we ran into our porch and the light was still there! my mom told me to call the faa to find out if there were any kind of training was going on in the general area or really anything that could explain what we had seen and they told me that there wasn't anything going on under their knowledge. i also tried calling the local news station to report it and couldn't get through to anyone. by the time i was done with my phone i looked over and the "light" slowly just disappeared into thin air. the "light" blinks colors anywhere from red to orange to green to white to yellow. it will sometimes get so bright that it looks like something that's going to explode, but then i want to say it calms down and goes back to duller blinking/flashing. we never hear any noises generating from it and we aren't affected that we know of or can remember. we just would like to know what it is if at all possible. now as of about a week ago i personally have noticed what i want to say is another kind of unidentified craft.. i have been sleeping in my parents pop up camper for about a month now and the first night i noticed the second craft, i was laying down watching a movie off of my phone when out of nowhere it sounded like a linebacker hit the side of the camper hard! it rocked the camper and scared my dogs and i so bad that they woke up startled and wouldn't stop barking and growling. i grabbed my bb gun and went out to check what it was but there was nothing around anywhere. the weird thing was i never heard footsteps before or after that. so i went into the house and calmed down. at about 2:30ish (am) i headed back to the camper but i heard what sounded like an army jet or plane flying really low. so i looked around and noticed this very slow moving oval shaped object flying above the tree line, it was very bright and was flashing redish, orange, green, and white lights continuously around it. i watched it for about a minute or two before it disappeared. i told my parents and boyfriend about it but they brushed it off. so i did too, until last night around 2:30-3(am) when i heard the same sound and looked out the window to see the same object but it was much closer probably less than a mile away, and it had moved so quickly to where it eventually hovered for a minute that i ran in to grab my mom. she came out and was able to see it from behind a tree and she couldn't believe it either... it was there for about 5 minutes and then it was gone, disappeared. i just don't know what to make of any of this. i had to find someone to tell so maybe we can figure out if we're crazy or not because we sure fell like it at this point.. i apologise about my rambling statement but it's hard to put into words what's been happening.. especially with the recent events. unfortunately we haven't been able to capture any photo or video evidence... everytime we try the "light" either disappears, our phones stop working, or their just not good enough quality cameras to get anything. i've been trying and it's very difficult! i also want to add that i have been strangely affected recently, such as hearing weird noises (my mom has too), to getting headaches sometimes when this thing is around, for being so scared that i can't get any sleep.. there is just too much to recount to put into writing. this is just the jist if it. so i'm praying y'all can help somehow.

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Credit: MUFON

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